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Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, the main lineup of Chinese women's volleyball team in the 2018 World Wome

On the evening of June 13, the Chinese women's volleyball team will meet the German women's volleyball team in Stuttgart, Germany, which is also the fifth round of the National League of women's volleyball. After this round of competition, the final of the women's National League will be held in Nanjing on the night of the 27th, and China, as the host team, will be the fourth in the competition. From the current situation, it is very difficult for Chinese women's volleyball team to retreat from Serbia, Turkey and Holland. These teams have always been enemies of Chinese team, and they will go all out.

Therefore, China's women's volleyball team will have a tough battle, but in the current state of women's volleyball players, we have to sweat for the finals. Although the final result of the league is irrelevant, it is very important for the confidence of the players. Lang Ping naturally hopes to lead the team to win the championship again. Moreover, the performance of the Chinese women's volleyball team is really very bad, and Lang Ping, as the general coach, does not want to see the women's volleyball team falter in the finals, so after the competition in Jiangmen station, she personally led her disciples to 'close the door and practice'.

After the first battle of Jiangmen station, the national team of women's volleyball team was divided into two parts, and Lang Ping led six Olympic champions back to Beijing volleyball training base. There are two left behind this time, mainly attacking Zhu ting and Liu Xiaotong, deputy attacking Yanni, following Yang Fangxu and Lin Li, the Freeman, and Ding Xia, who is in the second pass position. These six main players have always been the "inspection free products" of the national team. Even though Ding Xia and Yang Fangxu's performance has been ups and downs recently, they have never recovered their best condition, but the main reason for Lang Ping to leave them is to want to readjust and try to play the return of the king in the finals.

After all, veteran Ding Xia is still a very special player. If she is not affected by the injury, she will not be so depressed. Yang Fangxu also came back after nearly two years. Although she has a short board in technology, Lang Ping thinks her attack is the best position to take over at present. Therefore, in addition to Liu Xiaotong and Yang Fangxu, four of the six players are still locked in the finals. As for Zhang Changning, who has resumed training, she will also be back in the finals. In this way, in addition to Yuan Xinyue and Zeng Chunlei or Gong Xiangyu, the list of seven main players in the finals will be ready. Of course, according to the recent use of Lang Ping, Gong Xiangyu has a better chance of starting. After all, Zeng Chunlei has just returned, and Lang Ping presumably will let her play from the bench. Therefore, there is little suspense about the list of the finals. The six people who stay in the team and Zhang Changning who practice in the closed door will be the key trust objects of Lang Ping!