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What kind of people can't scraping

Four seas network: some people say that scraping can relieve fire, others say that scraping can dispel cold, no matter it is purging fire or dispelling cold, these things are not related to people who can't scraping. So who can't have scraping? Let's have a look together!

Who can't have scraping

1. A person of weak or sensitive constitution

Because scraping can stimulate sympathetic nerves, some people who are weak or sensitive in constitution will turn pale and blue when scraping, sweat all over the body, and even shock. Such people must be very careful when scraping.

2. Over hungry, over tired, drunk

Excessive hunger and satiety, excessive fatigue and drunkenness can not accept gravity and large-area scrapping, otherwise it will cause collapse.

3. Contact skin disease infector

Do not use scraping for those who are infected with contact skin diseases, because it will spread the disease to others.

4. Pain or fracture site of acute sprain or trauma

Scraping is not allowed for acute sprain, painful part of trauma or fracture part, because scraping will aggravate the bleeding of wound.

5. People with weak heart function

People with weak heart function are prone to fainting, especially when they are sitting and scraping. They usually have the symptoms of panic, dizziness and nausea.

6. Those with boils, ulcers, carbuncle and macula on the body surface

It is forbidden to scrape at the places with boils, ulcers, carbuncles, macules and packages of unknown causes on the body surface, otherwise it will lead to infection and spread of wounds.

7. People with bleeding tendency

For example, patients with advanced diabetes, severe anemia, leukemia, aplastic anemia and thrombocytopenia should not be scrapped, because the subcutaneous hemorrhage caused by scrapping is not easy to be absorbed.

8. Patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney insufficiency, and general edema

Because scrapping can make people hyperemia under the skin and promote blood circulation, which will increase the burden of heart, lung, liver and kidney, aggravate the patient's condition and even endanger life.

9. Pregnant women

Pregnant women and women should also avoid scraping their abdomen during the physiological period of each month. It's better not to scrape.

10. Old people and children

The skin of the elderly and children is relatively fragile. When scraping, the strength should be as light as possible, or a layer of cotton cloth should be spread on the skin before scraping, so as to reduce the direct friction of scraping equipment on the skin, causing skin damage. It's better not to scrape.