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Can we eat lotus spray during lactation

Lotus mist is a fruit that many people like to eat. Can we eat it during lactation? What should we pay attention to when eating lotus mist? These are just things you must know. Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Can I eat lotus spray during lactation

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LianWu is a tropical fruit, which contains water, plant protein, dietary fiber, sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, zinc, molybdenum and other nutrients. It has high nutritional value, and is suitable for mothers who are constipated, angry, dry mouth, cough and phlegm.

Inedible condition

The cold nature of the lotus spray may make the stomach and intestines suffer from cold, and the uncomfortable symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea may appear. Therefore, lactating women with cold stomach, stomach and body are not suitable to eat. In addition, mothers with insufficient milk should not eat it to avoid affecting milk secretion.

Does lactation eat lotus mist to return milk

If you eat too much, you may.

Return milk is to inhibit the secretion of milk, so that the milk is no longer secreted. Generally, this phenomenon is easy to occur when eating too much cold food. However, it is also different from person to person. For women who secrete less milk themselves, if they eat more lotus mist, the possibility of return milk will be greater.

How much lotus spray a day is suitable for lactation

1-2 is appropriate.

The cold nature of lotus mist, and the physical fitness of lactating women is more special, therefore, it is not suitable to eat too much in a day, so as to avoid abdominal pain, diarrhea, and insufficient milk secretion. For lactating women, it is generally recommended to eat 1-2 a day, not excessive consumption.

Benefits of eating lotus spray during lactation

For the lactating women who can eat the lotus mist, eating the lotus mist has the following benefits to the body:

Prevention and treatment of constipation

It is cold in the nature of lotus mist, rich in water and dietary fiber, which can soften the stool and improve the constipation. Dietary fiber can promote the peristalsis of intestine, help the digestion and absorption of food, and help the discharge of food residue and feces to a certain extent.

Clearing away heat and reducing fire

Lotus mist is a kind of cold fruit, which can help clear away the hot and dry air in the body, relieve the body's boredom and hot feeling, and is suitable for eating in hot summer.

promote digestion

The content of acid substance and dietary fiber in lotus spray is rich, which can help the digestion and absorption of food and prevent the occurrence of accumulated food to a certain extent.

Beauty and beauty

The water content in the lotus mist is rich, which can replenish the water for the body and make the skin moist. Moreover, the lotus mist can help to discharge the toxins in the body, and then play a certain role in beauty.

Notes on eating lotus spray during lactation

1. Not to eat on an empty stomach

When the body is in the state of fasting, it will secrete more gastric acid, and there are certain acid substances in the lotus spray, which can promote the secretion of gastric acid, and then increase the content of gastric acid in the body, causing stomach discomfort. Moreover, the lotus spray belongs to cold fruit, and eating it directly on an empty stomach is easy to cause stomach cold.

2. Not suitable for heating

The taste of lotus mist is crisp and rich in vitamins. If it is heated, it will reduce the nutrition and taste.