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Can pregnant women eat Pan Fried Bun? Is the Pan Fried Bun the same as the Pan Fried Bun

Pan Fried Bun is the food of Shanghai area, and Pan Fried Bun is the food of northern area. Are these two kinds of food the same? What's the difference? Pregnant women can eat water fried bag? If you want to make your own fried dumplings, you can have a look with Xiaobian.

Can pregnant women eat fried dumplings

During pregnancy, you can eat Fried Bun, but it's better to eat less. Because the bottom of Fried Bun is hard, it's not good to eat too much, and the oil is too big. It's recommended to eat less. If it's filled with vegetable, you can eat more. It's better to eat less meat, otherwise it's easy to not digest.

How long is the pan fried time

To make a Fried Bun, you just need to wrap the bun first and put it directly into the fried bun with a layer of oil. Turn on the medium fire and burn it for a while to see if it's yellowish. Then add half a bowl of boiling water, no more than a third of the steamed bun, then close the lid, turn to medium heat, and it will be almost cooked in about 10 minutes. Boil the water in the dumpling to dry. There is a sound of Kaka in it. Press the surface of the dumpling, it rebounds well, that is, it is cooked. If you press down a pit, it is still owe, and then burn it. Until the bottom of the pot into which color of yellow, it is good, fried water fried package Jiaohuang part of the best to eat.

Difference between pan fried and water fried

The two taste different. Like the soft taste, you can consider Fried Bun. If you prefer something crispy, you can choose a fried bag. I think the pan fried bun is more delicate, and the water Fried Bun is more simple.

Pan Fried Bun is one of the famous foods in Southwest Shandong Province. It is oblate, golden yellow on the top and bottom, crisp on the outside and fresh in the inside. It has a good taste. Because of the different fillings, it can be divided into mutton, pork and vegetable. The fillings, whether meat or vegetable, are mixed with onion, ginger, five spice powder, sesame oil and fine salt. The skin is fermented with wheat flour. Put the bun in the pan for a little time, add the surface water, pour the sesame oil and turn it over Once out of the pot, it becomes a popular food.

Shanghai Fried Bun smells delicious. It's popular in Shanghai because it's full of soup. The finished rice is white, soft and loose, the meat filling is fresh and tender, the boat has marinade, and the sesame and onion flavor are available when chewing. It's better to eat it hot out of the pot. The evaluation of it is: 'the skin is thin and not broken and not scorched, the head of two-part fermentation is baked, the fresh filling soup is full of juice, and the bottom thick and scorched is spoiled. It not only introduces the advantages of fried steamed bread, but also reminds diners that those who are 'bottom thick and scorched' can not be bought, and they can only 'stop eating'.