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Tips on how to save electricity in summer

Four seas network: summer is coming, hot temperature is sweeping. It's too hot to go out. People's lives are very dependent on air conditioning to survive, but air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity. How to save electricity by turning on air conditioning for a long time? Here are a few tips on how to save electricity in air conditioning.

Power saving tips for air conditioning

26 ℃ is the most suitable

Many people like to drive more than ten degrees, which is very cool. But the human body's thermoregulation ability is limited. It is easy to get sick if the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large.

The indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, generally between 8 ℃ and 10 ℃. The high temperature weather in summer is generally around 35 ℃, so the indoor temperature of about 26 ℃ is the most appropriate, not easy to get sick and also relatively energy-saving.

More power saving for air conditioner + fan

When the human body is blowing, the body temperature drops about 2 degrees. Therefore, instead of sticking to the air-conditioning temperature, it is better to strengthen the air volume of the air-conditioning so that the skin can feel the cold air and effectively reduce the body temperature. In addition, due to the principle of cold air drop, it can be combined with the electric fan to improve the circulation of air-conditioning.

More dehumidification functions in Sauna

In summer, changing the air conditioning mode from "refrigeration" to "dehumidification" can not only cool the house like a refrigerator, but also reduce the cost and harm to human body.

When the "dehumidification" mode is turned on, the indoor blower will keep running at a low speed, and the compressor will operate intermittently, so as to keep the room temperature near the set temperature.

Window less

When the air conditioner is working, open less doors and windows. If there is sunshine in the room, use curtains to cover the sunshine. However, under the closed environment, the air circulation is not good, and the air quality is declining, which will have adverse effects and harm on human body. So it's best to open the window for air exchange after the air conditioner is on for 3 hours.

When cooling, the air outlet is upward

Many people are not good at using the wind direction when turning on the air conditioner. Generally speaking, the cold air goes down, while the hot air goes down. When cooling, it's better to turn the air conditioner up and let the cold air circulate from up to down.

When the air conditioner is just turned on, high wind can be used to speed up the process of heat exchange between the room air and the air conditioner, and the room temperature can quickly approach the set temperature. When you feel comfortable, you can set the wind speed to a low level, which can not only cool quickly, but also reduce the noise.

Don't turn off the air conditioner when you go out for a short time

Many people save electricity. They turn off the air conditioner when they go out and restart it when they go home. Frequent switching on and off of air conditioner consumes the most power, which is easy to cause damage to air conditioner and affect the service life of air conditioner.

Therefore, if you only go out for 10 minutes, you'd better keep the air conditioner running, which will save electricity. If you want to save more power, it is recommended to increase the set temperature by 1 degree when you go out.

How to clean the air conditioner

After the air conditioner works for a certain period of time, the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner will obviously decrease, and there are some strange smells. Living in this environment for a long time, there will be dizziness, fatigue, cold and other symptoms, so it is important to clean the air conditioner regularly.

1. Cut off the power

2. Open the cover plate of the indoor unit, take out the filter screen gently, wash it with clean water first, and then brush it with a soft bristle brush. Pay attention not to wash it with hot water above 40 ℃, nor with washing powder, gasoline, banana water, etc. After washing, dry with a soft cloth or blow in the shade.

3. Clean the air conditioning evaporator. Prepare the spray pot and small soft brush, fill the spray pot with pure water, spray a small amount of water on the surface of the evaporator with the spray pot, and then use the soft brush to brush gently along the direction of the fins of the evaporator. After the dust is brushed off, spray water with the spray pot to remove the dust on the surface.

4. Install the dried filter screen back to its original position, spray the air conditioner maintenance agent on it, and cover the cover plate. Wipe the surface with a white towel.

Air conditioning room is relatively dry, put basin water can effectively alleviate dry eyes, dry skin symptoms.