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What can women eat to fight aging? How to fight aging after 25 years old it's said that women grow old very quickly after they are 25 years old. Age is the thing that women are most afraid of. Years make people grow old, especially girls. But don't be afraid, we can still delay aging through dietotherapy. So what can anti-aging women eat to delay aging? Let's have a look!

First of all, let's look at what women eat for anti-aging:


Pomegranate has been proved to have a strong antioxidant effect. It contains a component called ellagic acid, which can protect cells from environmental pollution and UV radiation, nourish cells and slow down the aging of the body.


There are a large number of grape polyphenols in grapes, which have strong antioxidant function, can block free gene proliferation and effectively delay aging; its tannic acid, citric acid, as well as soft and moisturizing use, in which vitamins and minerals can be deeply moisturized and anti-aging.


Its taste is delicious, crisp and delicate, which is highly praised by people who are thin. The old cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can prolong life and anti-aging; the cucumber enzyme in cucumber has strong biological activity, which can effectively promote the metabolism of the body.


Tomatoes are very familiar with and very common vegetables on the table. Many women love to use tomato self-made facial mask to protect skin and beauty. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which has the function of anti-oxidation and resistance, and is very good for nursing skin and aging.


Salmon contains a strong antioxidant - astaxanthin, which is the source of salmon's orange red color. Astaxanthin is 550-1000 times more antioxidant than vitamin E, which can effectively fight against free radicals, delay skin aging, and protect skin from ultraviolet rays.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain substances similar to female hormones, which can keep skin delicate and delay aging.


Carrots are rich in β - carotene, which can eliminate harmful free radicals, eating 100 grams of radish every day can get 15 grams of β - carotene, that is, can play an anti aging effect.


Cherry is rich in vitamins, iron and so on. It is a good food for whitening, wrinkle removing and spot lightening of women's facial skin. The vitamins it contains can balance the secretion of cortex, delay aging and activate skin cells.


Onions contain antiaging substances cysteine, which can delay cell aging and prolong life.


Eggplant can enhance antioxidant activity in vivo, reduce free radicals and achieve anti-aging function.


Chocolate is an irresistible temptation for every girl. Chocolate can make people have happiness immediately, because chocolate has a calming effect. Its taste and taste can also stimulate the happiness center in the brain and make people happy. In a good mood, you will not grow old naturally.


Yoghurt is helpful for digestion, can effectively prevent intestinal infection and improve the immune function of human body. Compared with ordinary milk, yoghurt has low fat content, high calcium content and rich vitamin B2, which are all of great benefit to human body. Don't worry about getting fat.


Cabbage is also a cruciferous vegetable. It is rich in vitamin C, rich in fiber, promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, keeps the digestive system young and active, and helps detoxification.

Wax gourd

Wax gourd is rich in vitamin C, which has good moisturizing effect on collagen and elastic fiber of skin. Regular consumption can effectively resist the formation of early wrinkles and make the skin tender and smooth.


It can effectively reduce the cholesterol of the human body, effectively relieve constipation and moisten intestines, and promote detoxification.

The above mainly introduces what women eat for anti-aging, do you understand? Then let's understand what else can anti-aging besides dietotherapy.

Exercise regularly

Don't be a lazy woman. If a woman is lazy, the body poisons and dirty things will precipitate and can't be consumed. If you can get rid of sweat through exercise in your life, you can also resist aging, so a woman who likes sports in the sun will stay young.

Attention and maintenance

Although it is the woman who thinks her skin is very good, she should also pay attention to the maintenance. At a certain age, the skin condition will gradually decline, so she should pay attention to the maintenance of the skin at ordinary times. Those with poor skin condition should pay more attention to maintenance. Skin care products should not be greedy for small and cheap products. Generally, they have little effect and are easy to damage the skin, which is just self disfigurement.

Do not stay up late

It's said that staying up late all night can't make up for the lost sleep for many hours. Often stay up late in addition to mental decadence, bad complexion, but also make the body immune decline, metabolic disorders, the skin will be worse and worse, leading to aging.

Eat less barbecue

Barbecue can be eaten, but try to eat as little as possible. Besides carcinogens, barbecue is not very clean. And women often eat barbecue, which is irritating, and it is easy to stimulate the skin to accelerate aging.

Drink plenty of water

It can be said that Baili has no harm when drinking water. Usually, it needs more water. Only when the skin absorbs water and moisturizes, it will not dry, and the pores will not be bulky. Drinking water can also prevent aging.

Keep a good mood

No matter what happens, happy is a day, unhappy is a day, why not happy every day. In daily life, keeping a positive and optimistic mood is the best anti-aging attitude for women.