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2018 World Cup Argentina main lineup announced: led by Messi Aguero Mascherano

Peter Coates, a journalist who contributed to Marca, the independent and whoscore, revealed Argentina's latest main lineup in training, led by Messi, Aguero and Mascherano.

Argentina are the favourites to win the world cup, and their main team has attracted much attention.

Peter Coates has revealed the latest main line-up of coach sampoli in training. The goalkeeper is kabarero, four defenders are melcardo, Otamendi, Rojo and taliafico, two back midfielders are Mascherano and lotelso, three front midfielders are mesa, Messi and dimalia, Aguero overwhelms Higuain as a single arrow.

This world cup, Messi and Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria in Group D.

Argentina's latest lineup in training (4231):

Kabarello; Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, taliafico; Mascherano, rousselso; mesa, Messi, DiMaria; Aguero