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How to prevent cold effectively and how to improve immunity of infants we believe that everyone knows that the immunity of babies is weak. If a baby is a little careless, it will have various problems, including cold and fever. The baby's cold, cough and fever are very serious. If you are not careful, you will have complications, such as pneumonia. So we should avoid children getting sick less and not getting sick. So what can we do to improve children's immunity and avoid getting sick?

How to effectively prevent cold in infants:

First of all, we all know that colds do great harm to babies in all aspects. It is the most important to pay attention to certain scientific methods to prevent children's colds. Baoma should pay attention to keep children warm, and then do a good nutrition diet is the key. If the baby has a fever during the cold, it is also important to do a good physical cooling.

In addition, we also know that children's cold is closely related to seasonal attack. According to experts, children should eat some hard shell foods in winter, such as walnuts, chestnuts and pine nuts. Also can eat some plant food such as carrot, tomato, sweet potato, spinach, to improve the disease resistance is more effective.

Finally, we also know that children's cold is closely related to their low immunity. We need to strengthen exercise, more outdoor activities, more sun exposure, and improve their cold tolerance, and don't wear too much clothes. During the period, trace elements and microelements can be supplemented properly. It is the key point to prevent cold to prevent virus invasion.

matters needing attention:

Children's performance and harm after a cold are various. Parents should not neglect the current situation after the onset of the disease. In addition to drinking more water, children with cough can use Astragalus, lily, walnut kernel and sweet almond to cook porridge, which has the effect of Invigorating Qi and benefiting lung. Targeted preventive care is the most important.