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What are the solutions to constipation of a normal baby with several stools a day

Sihaiwang: life is great, but also fragile. Especially the baby, is a young life. This little life can grow up healthily only when parents take good care of it. Now every family with a baby will love them very much. Parents attach great importance to their children. Too much attention will lead to more questions. However, due to the poor physical immunity of the baby, parents must pay attention to many problems when taking care of the baby. It's normal for children to defecate several times a day. I'm sure many parents don't have a special understanding. Let's get to know each other. So that parents can understand.

It is normal for the baby to defecate several times a day:

Generally, the number of defecation is more in newborns, usually 2-5 times a day, but some babies defecate 7-8 times a day. With the growth of children's age, the number of stools will gradually decrease, and after 2-3 months, the number of stools will be reduced to 1-2 times a day. These problems need attention.

If the newborn is fed with formula milk, the stool is usually light yellow or earthy yellow, relatively dry and rough, such as hard cream, often with an unpleasant faecal odor. For babies fed milk powder, defecation mainly depends on the regularity and character of the cycle rather than the number of days.

3 some babies once a day, some babies two or three days once, some even longer, but as long as the cycle is regular, stool paste, no foam, color is normal, it is normal. It is normal for newborns to have 3-4 stools and a large amount of stools, which may be as many as 6 times in the first few days.

matters needing attention:

When feeding your baby. Mom should pay attention to food hygiene, not to eat cold food. Don't eat too greasy, under the premise of nutrition, light is good, suitable for baby digestion. Do not eat spicy, greasy and stimulating food, these problems need our attention.