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Zhang Yingying's suspect opens the door, Zhang Yingying's case, the latest news, the details of Zhan

Zhang Yingying's suspect opens the door, Zhang Yingying's case, the latest news, the details of Zhang Yingying's case Recently, the case of Zhang Yingying, a Chinese student concerned, has made the latest progress. The suspect in the case of Zhang Yingying opened his mouth for the first time. He stated in court for 4 minutes and 15 seconds, claiming that he was taking antidepressant psychoactive drugs, and still refused to plead guilty and refused to explain the whereabouts of the victim. According to American experts, no one can force the suspect to open his mouth. He may be exempted from the death penalty. Let's review the beginning and end of the event.

Zhang Yingying, 26, went to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in April for a study visit and disappeared at about 14 o'clock on the 9th of this month in a car. The Federal Bureau of investigation on the 14th formally defined the incident as a kidnapping. Surveillance video at that time showed that the suspect suspected of kidnapping Zhang Yingying was a white man who had been driving a black car around the surrounding area before she got on the bus.


As a suspected car owner: sleeping or playing games at home that day

According to a court statement, investigators found Christensen the owner of a suspected car and questioned him on June 12.

For the whereabouts of the day of the crime (June 9), Christensen initially replied that he had no memory, but later said that he slept at home or played games all day.

After further investigation and comparison by investigators, it was confirmed that Christensen's black Saturn car was the last vehicle before Zhang Yingying disappeared in the surveillance video.


Denial of previous confession: admission of hitchhiking assistance for Asian women

On June 15, Christensen denied the contents of his confession on the 12th when he was questioned by FBI personnel in Champaign. He said that he did drive at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign on the 9th, and met an Asian woman who needed to be on his way to an appointment, so he offered a lift. However, due to the wrong turn on the way, the Asian woman began to panic and stopped to let the woman off.

Doubtful point

Browse the contents of kidnapping and clean the side door of the car

However, a subsequent FBI search of his cell phone and home revealed that Christensen had searched the site in April for information about kidnapping and abduction. Investigators also found that the door on the passenger side of the car was apparently cleaned with "unusual force", indicating that the suspect may have intended to hide or destroy evidence.


Voice monitoring: describe Taking Zhang Yingying back to the apartment and forcibly detaining her

From June 16, the FBI began to monitor Christensen, and finally obtained important evidence on June 29: during the phone call, Christensen described to a third party how he brought Zhang Yingying back to the apartment and forced her to be held, and a paragraph was recorded by the monitoring equipment. American law enforcement agencies finally decided to arrest him.

Christensen is an assistant professor in the Physics Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where Zhang visited, and is under 30 years old.

A media statement from the U.S. Department of Justice said Christensen will attend the federal court trial for the first time on July 3.

According to the FBI, Zhang Yingying is believed to have died based on the records of questioning the suspects and the relevant clues collected. However, the FBI did not make it clear that the body had been found.

Lawyer reveals two details of Zhang Yingying's case

Wang Zhidong, a Chinese lawyer who is obligated to provide legal advice to Zhang Yingying's family, was interviewed by Xinhua news agency at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He disclosed two important details of the case.

Details 1

Suspect and victim don't know each other

On June 29, Brandt Middleton Christensen, the suspect, revealed the kidnapping of Zhang Yingying to a third party during a phone call, Wang said, and police arrested Christensen on the basis of the evidence.

According to Wang Zhidong, the suspect Christensen and the victim Zhang Yingying didn't know each other before.

According to Hou Xiaolin, Zhang Yingying's boyfriend, Zhang Yingying has a strong sense of vigilance, but is a 'road maniac'. Due to the need to transfer buses to arrive at the signing place with the landlord on the same day, it may not be able to find another station after getting off the first bus.

Hou Xiaolin said that Zhang Yingying herself is a very punctual person. She may be in a hurry to get on the stranger's car when the time agreed with the landlord is coming.

Details two

Suspect convicted or sentenced to death

Wang found another detail in the indictment: the case was filed by the federal government, not Illinois.

According to Wang Zhidong, Illinois law does not have the death penalty, but prosecutes in the name of the federal and federal courts, and then can kidnap the criminals to death. This means that the prosecution is seeking to impose the most severe criminal law on criminals.