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In the warm-up game, Neymar scored Brazil's 3-0 warm-up game, Austria won 2 games in a row and enter

At 22:00 p.m. on June 10, Beijing time, the international team ushered in a warm-up match. It was Brazil's away challenge to Austria, which was also the last warm-up match before the samba team went to Russia for the world cup, and then it will go to the place where the match will be held to welcome the opening of the first group match. In the warm-up, Brazil beat Croatia 2-0 with the goal of Neymar and fermino.

In the 36th minute of the first half, Brazil took the lead in breaking the deadlock. William's corner on the right was cleared by the other side's header. Marcelo shot a long-range shot from the outside. The ball bounced on paolinio to the left side of the forbidden area. The right foot of gersus's ball twisted an arc to drive the ball into the far corner, scoring the 10th goal of his personal representative national team. However, from the playback, gersus's ball is suspected to be offside.

In the 63rd minute, the Brazilian team expanded its leading edge. The fake action on the left side of Neymar's forbidden area buckled the defense and then pushed the shot to break the goal, scoring the 55th goal of his personal representative of the national team, catching up with Brazilian lone wolf Romario, and tied for the third place in Brazil's historical shooter list, next to Bailey who scored 77 goals and Ronaldo who scored 62 goals.

In the 69th minute, Brazil went to the next city. Substitute fermino and his former Liverpool teammate Coutinho made a delicate cooperation. Coutinho passed the ball in the heel, fermino sent a straight plug, and Coutinho drove straight in with the ball, pushing and shooting at the far corner on the left side of the forbidden area. Like gersus, fermino scored his 10th individual goal for the national team.

After that, both sides failed to make achievements. At the end of the whole match, Brazil won Austria 3-0, with two consecutive wins in the warm-up match and zero opponents, to welcome the 2018 Russia world cup. The samba team started to attack the 6th World Cup champion!