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How about flowers for father's Day

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June in China, and father's day in 2018 is June 17, so how to give father's Day gifts? A friend said to send flowers, father's day can send father flowers? What flowers are better to send? Take a look at the tips of sending flowers on father's day.

What flowers do you want for father's day?

Father's Day is a festival full of family affection. It is suitable for sending warm colors of flowers, such as red carnations, sunflowers, sunflowers, etc.

The flowers recommended for father's day are:

Father love wordless: 13 yellow roses, with gardenia leaves, alpine snow

Sunshine is like you: 5 sunflowers, with eucalyptus leaves, Platycodon grandiflorum, xiangsimie

Chunhui: 17 champagne roses, with acacia, gardenia leaves, crystal grass

Earnestly teach: 9 white roses, 5 red palms, acacia, crystal grass, gardenia leaf

Father's love: 9 sunflowers, with Platycodon, acacia, gardenia leaves

I am safe: 7 perfume, white lily, collocation without forget me.

The eternal God of man in my heart: 99 champagne roses, surrounded by lovesickness plum bandage

The back of the greatest shore: 33 champagne roses with Acacia plum

A review of the flowers and expressions suitable for father's Day

Dendrobium -- the flower of father's Day

Because Dendrobium has a strong, peaceful and amiable temperament, many countries regard it as the flower of father's day. On father's day, I sent Dendrobium to express my perseverance and bravery. The flower language of Dendrobium is: welcome, blessing, purity, auspiciousness and happiness. The Yellow Dendrobium is a flower presented to my father on father's day or father's birthday, which means my father's fortitude, kindness and dignity and expresses my respect for him.


Red or white roses are recognized as the festival flowers of father's day. Usually there are also yellow roses, some countries regard yellow as the color of men.

Sun flower

In some countries, it is popular to send sunflowers on father's day, which means that father is like the great sun. The growth of everything depends on the sun, which means that the children can thrive under the care of their father. This sunflower can be a sunflower or a doctor's flower. Flower language: deep love.


Yellow carnation

The Yellow carnation is a symbol of kindness, warmth, sincerity, no price, never fading love.

Sunflower with sword leaf

Flower language: the sky is wider than the ocean, and your heart is wider than the sky. The wrinkles on your forehead record the ups and downs. Your life is a magnificent poem.

Other Flowers

Brilliant time -- all kinds of sunflowers, appropriate amount of green leaves

Flower language: youth is a star blinking sincere eyes, youth is a smile, conveying flowing happiness, youth is a song, singing full of passion, youth is a poem, writing full of life's emotions.

Harbor of the soul -- red carnations, pink roses, white lilies, white violets, alpine ferns and green leaves

Flower language: flowers, yearning for the moisture of rain and dew, wandering for too long, yearning to embrace, wandering around the world, still thinking about the warm harbor.

Happiness lasts forever -- red carnation, pink carnation, yellow warbler, green leaf

Huayu: I wish you happiness for a long time.

Ebullience -- red roses, Pink Perfume Lily, sunflower, green leaves, sword leaf collocation.

Flower language: the sun in life, let every day full of confidence, full of hope, let passion go far, far and wide.