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What are the benefits of eating balsam pear? What are the effects and functions of balsam pear

Four seas net: summer arrived, it is time to eat balsam pear, clear heat and reduce fire. There are many people who like to eat sour, sweet, spicy and salty food, and there are many people who like bitter food. Balsam pear is the magic bitter vegetable! So what's the advantage of eating bitter gourd often? You must know the eight effects. People who often eat bitter gourd look at them and make sure you don't regret it!

The effect of balsam pear

1. Heat clearing and fire removing

Summer is coming. How can we resist the heat without bitter melon. Balsam pear has a good effect of clearing away heat and eliminating fire. Eating cold balsam pear often can reduce the boredom caused by the internal heat and make people feel refreshed.

2. Lose weight

Girls who don't lose weight in May and are still on a diet look sad in June. Drinking some balsam pear juice may help you become a "little waist essence".

Momordica charantia contains a lot of fat clearing elements, which can effectively reduce the body fat. The best way is to directly squeeze it into Momordica charantia juice, which can be absorbed by the body to the maximum extent. If it's too bitter, you can add some ice sugar to mix the taste.

3. Treatment of prickly heat

By the summer of July and August, many people can't help getting prickly heat. Especially when you have a baby at home, don't worry when you see the little red dots on the baby.

After slicing balsam pear, apply it directly to prickly heat, wipe it gently for a while, twice a day, which has a good effect on the treatment of prickly heat.

4. Treatment of mosquito bites

After the mosquito bites, the body is easy to appear small package, balsam pear can also effectively treat mosquito bites, because it can promote wound healing and relieve itching.

Next time I was bitten by a mosquito, I might as well take a thin balsam pear and apply it on the wound, it will soon be OK!

5. Treatment of heatstroke

With the increase of temperature, heat stroke, such as dry mouth and dry tongue, stuffy sweat or dizziness, occurs from time to time. As long as you eat bitter gourd more, you can effectively reduce the symptoms of heat stroke.

If you have fainted due to heatstroke, prepare a cup of hot water after waking up, add balsam pear slices and tea to drink together, you can also treat heatstroke.

6. Cosmetology and acne elimination

Balsam pear has the function of moistening skin and relieving dry and hot skin. Fairies with acne on their faces can try balsam pear tablet to eliminate acne.

First, slice balsam pear and refrigerate it in refrigerator. After half an hour, take it out and apply it on the cleaned face. After 20 minutes, wash it. 3 times a week. It's very helpful for the treatment of acne.

7. Relieve toothache

There are many ways to treat toothache introduced by elder sister Le before. For example, applying prickly ash on the affected area can relieve toothache. Here's another way to relieve toothache with balsam pear~

Mash the balsam pear after removing the seeds, wrap it with gauze and apply it on the painful gum to relieve the pain; if you feel trouble, you can directly cut the balsam pear without removing the seeds and slice it, boil it in water and drink it with a small amount of ice sugar.

8. hypoglycemia

There are two active components in the extract of Momordica charantin and polypeptide P, which have potential hypoglycemic effect. Moreover, balsam pear has a lot of dietary fiber and a low sugar content, so it is a kind of healthy vegetable with a relatively slow sugar raising speed. People with high blood sugar can eat safely.

Patients with hyperglycemia can eat more balsam pear for adjuvant treatment, but it is not a complete substitute for drugs. It is recommended to follow the doctor's advice~