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Curie 37 Durant cut three warriors 4-0 to sweep the Cavaliers to win the title

On June 9, Beijing time, warriors beat Cavaliers 108-85 on the road to win the NBA championship in 2018 with a 4-0 sweep.

Warriors win two consecutive titles, three times in four years. Stephen curry scored 37 points and 6 rebounds in 7 of 15 three-point shots, while Kevin Durant made three doubles with 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, as well as three blocks. Clay Thompson 10 points 6 rebounds, Drummond green 9 points, 9 assists and 3 blocks. Andre igodara, who came off the bench, scored 11 points.

The Cavaliers lost in the finals for two years in a row. LeBron James scored 23 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds, Kevin Loew 13 points and 9 rebounds, and Jr Smith 10 points. The Cavaliers hit only 34% of the game. [technical statistics]

The warriors were the first team to lead 3-0 in the finals for two years in a row. Last year, they were severely beaten in the fourth game, and the Cavaliers scored 24 three points. Warriors finally won the championship 4-1. This year, they don't want to dream long. They hope that the championship trophy will fall into the bag.

Curie had two great ups and downs before. He made nine three-point pitches in the Second World War, setting a record for the finals. In the last game, he lost all three points in the first nine pitches, and only made one in 10 pitches. Fortunately, with Durant's outburst, they still got the match point.

Curry was very positive after the opening today. He grabbed the first offensive rebound, made up the basket and scored the first point of the game. With 8:47 left in this section, Curie shakes away the defender and wants to make a foul, but he is seen through. Curie has jumped up in the air and has to make a reluctant shot. It's a very difficult three-point hit. The warrior starts 13-3. The Cavaliers only hit one goal after 3:30 in the game, but they insisted on playing hard and achieved good results. Durant went to the referee for a theory that James had violated the rules and ended up with a technical foul. Loew scored a penalty, then hit three points, and the Cavaliers scored eight points in a row, only 11-13 behind. The warriors stormed again. In 43 seconds, they hit 3 3-pointers, 11-2, and then opened the gap 24-13.

After the first quarter, the warriors had a 34-25 advantage. Warriors first quarter on the outside to find the feeling, three-point shot 10 6, and the overall shooting hit rate is close to 60%, curry has 12 points. The Cavaliers hit 32.5% of the time, three-point nine for three, with Loew scoring 9 and James 8.

Cavaliers in the second quarter a few anti super, the middle of this section, James after the breakthrough shot, Cavaliers to 43-42 lead. Durant fouled south with two penalties and two strikes, while igodara hit three points later, and Curie scored under the basket, with Warriors leading 49-43 again. After the Cavaliers narrowed the gap to 2 points, Curie hit three points beyond the distance, and the warriors kept ahead. In the last attack of the warrior in this section, Kuri didn't press the time to the end. With 5 seconds left, he attacked decisively and got another three points. The warrior slightly opened the gap with 61-52. The knight failed in his last attack.

The warriors' hit rate dropped, but in the first half, they kept a hot outside touch. For 17-9 three-point shots, Curie had already made 4 shots, scored 20 points, Durant 12 points, and Thompson was plagued by three fouls, not a point.

The Cavaliers hit slightly better, but only 39.2% of the time, making 6 of 15 three-point shots. James scored 16, Smith 10, and Loew failed to score in the second quarter.

James snap James snap

In the third quarter, nearly two minutes later, Curie missed three points, but McGee and Tristan Thompson scored the ball in rebounding, and the warriors opened the gap 67-52, forcing the Cavaliers to call a pause. The Cavaliers managed to narrow the gap to 9 points, but it was the smallest gap since then. The warriors play more and more steadily, Thompson also found the feeling, two three-point hits, the gap between the two sides continues to open. The knight's center James seems to be a little tired. After all, he was almost full before, and injured himself. The knight's speed can't be raised, and the outside line can't compete with the opponent. In the last 4:58 of this section, the Cavaliers failed to make a shot. After the warriors hit 9-2, they gained 21 points by 86-65.

Kuri bottom corner three points Kuri bottom corner three points

In the third quarter, the knight scored only 13 points, lost 12 points in a single quarter, and the knight fell into a desperate situation. James sat on the sidelines in the fourth quarter, while curry hit three points twice and got three penalties. The warriors continued to open the gap with 95-70. The Cavaliers can no longer narrow the gap to 20 points. James can't change the situation after he returns to the court.

Durant triple hit Durant triple hit

In the second half of the fourth quarter, Curie scored three points in front of James again, with the warriors leading 102-74. The Cavaliers have collapsed. With four minutes and three seconds left, James leaves the field, claps with his teammates and opponents and receives cheers from the fans.

The victory finally belongs to the warriors, who swept 4-0 and stood on the highest stage of the championship for two consecutive years. James's mission with the Cavaliers is over. Maybe it's the last time he'll wear a Cavaliers shirt.