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What to do if you can't get water in your ears after swimming

Four seas net: hot summer is very sultry, most people are willing to stay in the air-conditioned room. Or go swimming to get rid of the heat. But one of the most common problems in swimming is water in the ears. After the water in the ear, it will be closed, hearing loss, dizziness and very uncomfortable. Then, what should we do if the water in the ear doesn't come out? Let's have a look!

What to do if you can't get water out of your ears

1. Incline the head to the side of the water inlet ear, then use the foot on the same side as a single foot support, and pull the ear with the hand at the same time, straighten the ear canal, after a few jumps of the single foot, the water can flow out smoothly.

2. Chewing gum, through chewing gum, constantly chewing, to promote the air flow and pressure in the ear canal, let the inner ear water flow out, this method is also relatively easy to use.

3. Roll the sterilized absorbent cotton or soft absorbent paper into a twist and gently extend it into the water inlet ear. When the twist touches the water, the water will be absorbed on the twist.

What can I do if I can't get water in my ears

4. Cover the ears with your hands tightly, release them suddenly and suck out the water.

5. Pulling auricle with fingers, opening mouth repeatedly and moving TMJ can make the skin of external auditory canal move up and down continuously or change the stability of water barrier and the stability of pressure, and make water flow out of external auditory canal.

6. If the water enters deeply, the above method can't solve the problem, then the oil ear drops, such as 2% phenol glycerin ear drops, can be used to point the ears every 3-4 hours. Generally, the unclean water can be replaced after two times to avoid otitis media. In case of emergency, no ear drops can be found for a while, but most people will prepare eye drops when swimming, and most swimming places will also prepare eye drops, or they can temporarily clean the ear canal with eye drops that are sure to have no failure and no ototoxicity. But afterwards, we must replace the water with oily ear drops as soon as possible!