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What's the matter with Zhang Yuning injured and leaving the team on June 7, according to Xiao Nan micro blog of Beijing Youth Daily, Zhang Yuning will leave the team ahead of schedule due to injury, and he has become the 6th Member of the team to leave ahead of schedule in the U23 national youth training. No chance to warm up with North Korea on the 10th. This also makes the original manpower already insufficient motor Luoni encountered a problem.

Xiao Nan said on Weibo: 'Zhang Yuning is injured again and will leave the team ahead of time. In addition, Wei Shihao, Chen Binbin, Barton, Hu Jinghang and Feng Boyuan, who left the team yesterday, totally 6 people missed the No. 10 U23 national football warm-up match with North Korea. It's difficult to arrange the troops! '

Recently, U23 Chinese team has been training in Wanzhou, Chongqing. Before that, the team has played two games with Namibia, one is an open warm-up match and the other is an in team teaching match. In the open warm-up, the Chinese team beat the opponent 4-2, Zhang Yuning played 73 minutes and scored the team's second goal. China lost 1-0 in the second match between China and Namibia due to Zhang Yuning's injury.