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Live address and Prospect of Portugal vs Algeria football friendly match on June 8, 2018

At 3:15 a.m. on June 8, Portugal played Algeria at home in an international warm-up match. With Ronaldo back, Portugal are expected to end three defeats. Andre Silva and Patricio will return to the main line-up. Former Premier League MVP maherez leads Algeria to challenge European champions, while North Africa fox has suffered three consecutive defeats.

Live time: 03:15, June 8

Live address: http://w w C = ttzb14 w = 750 H = 500

Expected first

Portugal (4-3-3): Patricia; Cedric, Pepe, Venter, Guerrero; William Carvalho, mutino, Joao Mario; Quaresma, Andre Silva, Ronaldo

Algeria (4-4-2): Shaozi, Mandi, chafai, belgit, bensebini, mahres, bentaleb, ferhat, blaimi, sodani, Sulaimani

Ronaldo, who has been on holiday for many days after the Champions League final, is back to normal training this week. He will play in the warm-up for the first time and should start directly. In 149 international matches, Ronaldo scored 81 goals, far ahead of pauletta, the second player in the history of 47 teams. Ronaldo is expected to surpass Puskas this year, with Real Madrid's legendary striker scoring 84 goals, ranking first in Europe. As for the transfer rumours, in Mourinho's words, Ronaldo 'will not be affected'.

Portugal drew with Belgium in the absence of many main players such as Ronaldo in the last match. In recent warm-up matches, Ronaldo has always been a high exemption card, and the team's offensive ability in the front line has been greatly reduced. In recent three matches, two matches have been sealed by opponents. And Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the team for the first time after his holiday, which is good news for Portugal's front line. As the world cup draws closer and closer, Portuguese coach Fernando Santos may send the best team to fight to find out the best lineup for the world cup.

Algeria's performance in the near future is also very bad, with the last 2-3 defeat at home to Cape Verde, the team has suffered three consecutive defeats! The team's defense is very bad, losing at least two goals in three consecutive games. There is no doubt that the core of the team is maheres. Although he has a strong personal ability, it is difficult to have a chance in the face of Portugal, which has a dominant overall strength. Especially in the away attack and defense at both ends of the performance of no success, six consecutive away field average conceded at least two goals, but also only achieved a draw 5 negative result, this game guest facing the strength of Portugal team may be difficult to win.