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What's the reason for Argentina's cancellation of the warm-up match? What's the threat of Messi's sh only one week is left before the opening of the World Cup final week. All teams are busy in the warm-up competition recently to improve their condition. However, Argentina's national team was involved in a "diplomatic storm" due to a warm-up match.

Argentina, who is preparing for the world cup, was scheduled to hold a warm-up match with Israel on the 9th in Jerusalem. For security reasons, Argentina has decided to cancel the match.

According to previous reports in the as newspaper, the president of the Palestinian Football Association has asked Messi not to take part in the Argentina Israel match, which is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem. The president also called on fans to burn Messi's shirt while he was playing. The president of the Palestinian Football Association also revealed that they had sent a letter to the Argentine Football Association against their actions.

The Palestinian side also launched domestic children to send letters to Argentina and Messi, and Palestinian militants came to Argentina's training site, namely the Gambo city of Barcelona, to protest the friendly match by holding up the dyed Argentine jerseys.

According to reports, Israel originally invited the Argentine national team to warm up in Jerusalem on the 9th, but the Argentine Football Association decided to cancel the match on the 5th under the opposition of the Palestinian Football Association. Israel expressed anger and protested to FIFA, which described the cancellation as a 'red card' for Israel.

It is reported that the match could have earned Argentina 3 million euros, but the pressure from the Palestinian side made them finally decide to cancel the match. It was Messi and Mascherano who applied to the Argentine Football Association to cancel the match. They will immediately look for new warm-up opponents, including Malta, Andorra, Liechtenstein and other national teams, and the venue will be Barcelona.