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What is the admission process after college entrance examination

Sihaiwang: the annual college entrance examination is coming today. Thousands of examinees entered the examination room under the witness of their parents. But after the college entrance examination, many candidates and parents are not clear. I don't know the college entrance examination voluntary admission process. I only know that I have filled in the application and waited for the admission notice. So here we will introduce the steps of the college entrance examination voluntary admission process in detail for you. Let's have a look together!

Eight processes of college entrance examination

1. Analog gear:

Before the formal filing of each batch, the provincial recruitment office conducts the simulated filing according to the filing proportion determined by the University.

2. Determine the gear ratio:

After the simulated filing, the provincial recruitment office shall timely report the distribution of students' scores to the University, and the University shall decide whether to add plans and adjust the filing proportion according to the simulation results.

3. Official filing:

According to the requirements of the college file transfer and the candidates' wishes, the provincial recruitment office will deliver the electronic files of the candidates who meet the requirements of the college file transfer to the college on the Internet. Parallel volunteers can only be put into the file once according to the examinee's score from high to low.

4. File reading:

Enrollment colleges and universities download the electronic file data of candidates from the Internet for review within the specified time. The review contents include the scores of candidates, professional volunteers, compliance with the adjustment options, physical examination forms and integrity records.

5. Pre admission:

According to relevant regulations and enrollment regulations, colleges and universities will pre enroll candidates who meet the enrollment conditions, and upload the results of pre enrollment and withdrawal to the provincial recruitment office.

6. Admission check:

The provincial recruitment office will check the situation of the candidates who want to withdraw from the college. If there is no objection, the enrollment is over.

7. Print the acceptance list:

The provincial recruitment office shall print the enrollment roster according to the enrollment results of the colleges and universities, affix the special seal of the provincial recruitment office and send it to the colleges and universities.

8. To fill in and issue an offer:

The admission college shall fill in the admission notice according to the list of admitted candidates, affix the official seal of the college, and send it to the admitted candidates together with the information on admission to the journal, subsidy policies and measures and other relevant materials.

The above is about the eight processes of college entrance examination, from simulation filing to admission details, I hope to help you.