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Is one plus six worth buying? In depth evaluation of one plus six mobile phones

Sihainet: in the field of smart phones, Yijia mobile phone believes that many people have a good understanding of it. The industry for a plus mobile phone is also very recognized. More than 15000 people participated in the pop-up store activity offline in the world. On the day of the first sale, the sales volume of the whole network exceeded 100 million yuan in 5 seconds and 100000 sets in 12 minutes. So what charm does a mobile phone have to achieve such a good result? As a minimalist brand, Yijia is a bit of a maverick. So far, there are still many people who put the simple name on hydrogen OS.

But it's the less politically correct mobile phone brand. Its annual sales volume and business operation are getting better year by year. At least it's the envy of a small brand or even a big brand. It can get a share in the four parts of huamiov's world, and the overseas market is more popular than the domestic market. The brand concept of Yijia is very simple, but what it does Sentiment and the results achieved are not simple at all.

In this article, we will talk about one plus six mobile phones in detail. Up to now, only Huawei P20 series has been able to surpass one plus six in the number of user reviews released this year. The number of user reviews of Xiaomi mix 2S and nut R1 is tens of thousands of differences from one plus six. After all, one plus six is the best domestic Xiaolong 845 mobile phone to buy so far. Apart from the fluency and high cost performance of the main players, what surprise does one plus six bring to us this time?

Believe me, this is a real phone that looks better than pictures

I have to admit that one plus 5 and 5T are actually plain in industrial design, especially the design of 5T is a little bit "indifferent to everyone" in late 2017. No wonder many netizens will make complaints about Tucao plus. But there is one thing to say: materials, light and thin workmanship, and fine hand feel are still strong points. It's very comfortable whether it's streaking or wearing a suit without any tangle. This is a great thing in itself. It's especially recommended to buy the official protective shell. There is no more suitable protective shell for a mobile phone in the market.

The line design and radian of the one plus six fuselage keep the good tradition of the past. Both black and white have frosted glass texture version. In addition, there is a bright porcelain black which is very similar to the ceramic fuselage. Look at the picture, maybe you think that this color is all over the street, isn't it black glass? No, almost every manufacturer's control of glass technology is different. What coating and processing technology are used in it will directly affect the texture of the real machine as seen by the naked eye.

The body of bright porcelain and black one plus six looks very dark, without any noise and light pattern. If you don't compare it with your hands, you really think it's the body of ceramics. But the other two colors of one plus six make the texture of frosted glass, which is not easy to see after stained with fingerprints, and the S-shaped light pattern can be seen under the refraction of light, which means' speed '. Many mobile phones you think are very similar and homogeneous, but in fact, the differences in details and product temperament can be completely different. I'm sorry for a mobile phone, because offline stores are really necessary. It's better to touch a real phone than to look at a hundred product pictures.

In the era of comprehensive screen, there is not much room for free display on the front. Forcing innovation to do something different will only sacrifice the user experience and even have negative effects. This is the same as the example of the waist home key in that year. In order to let the finger touch the fingerprint module with the largest area, the circle and waist are the best choices. Isn't Meizu 15 changed to a circle in the end? In fact, we all agree on good things. There is no need to argue about them.

What's the secret of a fast mobile phone?

Xiaolong 820, 835, 845, every generation of Xiaolong flagship chip mobile phones feel smooth, but it's not the same when you switch to a mobile phone: 'this seems faster'

There are some 845 flagship brands of international brands that haven't experienced, but compared with other domestic 845 flagship brands or even iPhone, one plus six is the fastest in terms of speed. This speed is reflected in a series of interfaces and operations, such as the system animation, APP response speed, camera opening and imaging speed, which can't get rid of frames. If it's not because some apps have open screen ads, one plus six can be said to be second open level.

In order to limit the fluency, we have abandoned many useful, beautiful and fancy functions in the eyes of ordinary consumers, which is actually a little risky choice for Yijia. But because of this more extreme choice, we have gained a large number of loyal users and iron powder. The biggest feeling after using the latest model and flagship is that there is a big gap between Xiaolong and Xiaolong 。

The hardware scheduling strategy of the system is also another important factor. In addition to one plus two, the flagship of one plus is almost a dual active scheduling strategy of CPU and GPU every year. When the application is started or a large amount of data processing is required, the large core can easily run to 2.8GhZ, true middot; full blood full speed snapdragon 845. The non lazy GPU also makes the number of game frames stable to be outrageous. In order to achieve this effect, both power consumption and body heat dissipation must be considered. Therefore, the concise and optimized hydrogen OS provides a good software foundation for such game experience. One plus six is replaced by a full glass body. The heat sense is not as high as 5 and 5T of all metal, but the heat dissipation performance is not as good as that of metal. Metal heats faster and cools faster. Glass heats less obviously but cools slower.

In fact, when the main machine is used for a period of time, the endurance of one plus six is slightly better than 5T and 5 in terms of my personal use and frequency, but the advantages are not obvious. While the processing technology of Xiaolong 845 is improved, the peak performance is also improved. In fact, the two are mutually offset. If you are like me, you seldom play games, mainly browse graphic video, social chat and take photos For the most part, the one plus six endurance can basically hold a charge every day. In addition, I have been puzzled by the fact that the endurance of a mobile phone to play video is terrible. The 1080p 50% brightness of station B can play video for up to 8 hours and 45 minutes, which is a little better than the one plus five I tested at the beginning, and obviously better than other domestic machines that I tested (the average score is about 7 hours or less).

Playing video doesn't need a lot of CPU data operation, which is a moderate and low consumption item. Originally, this is a quite good advantage experience, but the position of one plus six single speakers is still awkward, the horizontal screen is easy to block, and the sound quality of the external playback is not outstanding. If the next generation of products can inherit the advantages of playing video, it can fully consider the three-dimensional dual speakers, It's definitely an artifact of drama.

The dash flash charging has not been upgraded, but the charger is a little more flat and fat. However, the current experience of the dash flash charging still ranks the first echelon. The speed of charging while playing with the bright screen and the low heat of the body when charging are incomparable to the QC flash charging model. During this period of time, I often travel by high-speed rail plane. When waiting for the flight or taking the high-speed rail, I can plug in a charging time of about 10 minutes to get back a lot of blood. Because of the incompatibility with QC quick charging, the charging treasure I carry with me during this period of time of my main aircraft is rarely used, and the speed is too much slower than dash.

The default color matching of one plus six screen is slightly saturated, which is more colorful than Xiaomi 8, vivo X21 and oppo R15. Users who are not accustomed to this color are advised to choose the adaptive screen mode, and the eyes will adapt faster and more comfortable. I believe that the hot eyes of OLED screens are not caused by low-frequency dimming, but by different screen color matching orientations. This screen is the same model of OV Huawei and Xiaomi, with the same technical specifications and essence. The biggest difference is the color matching orientation. If one plus six screens are to be labeled as "hot eyes screens", the total number of shipments is tens of millions I'm afraid that oppo and vivo of Huawei will face more questions from consumers.

In fact, it's not to prove how good the one plus six screen is. Objectively speaking, it's still the standard. The slight graininess is still the biggest disadvantage of the FHD + resolution OLED screen, but you don't need to worry about it. I hope that in the one plus six t experience at the end of the year or the one plus seven experience next year, I can explain this problem without any more words. I want to use it Don't be biased by other people's subjective will. It's recommended that you reasonably use the rights and interests of return and exchange without any reason. It will be known whether the screen can be accepted for about one day. Of course, this premise is that you really want to buy this machine.

Many people look down on the camera

In fact, each year's flagship of Yijia has a relatively good answer sheet in camera. Although the score is not as high as the top two, the experience of users taking photos with Yijia mobile phone is increasing year by year. The fast concept of Yijia is also reflected in the camera.

Portrait mode, HDR synthesis, night scene multi frame synthesis, the three most commonly used modes have very high synthesis speed, similar to the millet mix with the same Xiaolong 845 processor 2S and nut R1 are faster. Generally speaking, there will be a waiting time of about one or two seconds after taking pictures of portrait mode and HDR, but one plus six is stable within 0.x seconds. The camera interface does not have any stuck and lag feeling, and the experience level is very comfortable.

One plus six uses 1.22 & mu; m IMX 519 and oppo R15 CMOS of the same type, but because the ISP of Xiaolong 845 is much better than that of MediaTek P60 and Xiaolong 660, the adjustment ability of the same CMOS of one plus six is stronger. This CMOS mainly focuses on high-speed photography. The 60 FPS full pixel sampling frame rate is twice higher than that of general CMOS. High frame can also effectively improve the capture success rate.

As like as two peas, IMX 519 also supports 3-HDR technology. If you take a photo of 6 plus a HDR, it will trigger the HDR function in real time. The result of the HDR will be displayed in real time. The effect of the user is exactly the same as the effect it sees. It can also be understood as a HDR preview, and other mainstream mobile phone is not supported.

However, the one plus six is really smart, because it finally learned to use the optical anti shake hardware flexibly. The maximum shutter time can be increased to 1 / 5S, which makes up for the shortage that the substrate is smaller than others. The maximum shutter time of reference nut R1 is only 1 / 13s, which does not give full play to the advantages of the big bottom sensor. In addition, the HQ mode of hydrogen OS is changed to fully automatic, and the night scene is automatically multi frame closed To improve the purity and analytical power, help users make a smart choice.

Compared with nut R1 and iPhone 8 plus, the difference between one plus six night view samples is that the exposure control is better, the highlight overflow is effectively suppressed, the details are richer, the appearance is more comfortable, and the brightness of the screen will not be lost to the other two phones. There is still a significant gap between the analytical power of the nut R1 and that of the nut R1. The analytical power of one plus six weakens only in the weak light environment, and it is still quite high in the daytime. The improvement of night scene performance lies in the reasonable use of optical anti shake and excellent exposure control. The first look is really good, but if it is a little worse than the analytical power, the side reflects that the advantage of IMX 519 sensor is not night scene, but provides high-speed shooting experience and HDR preview function.

What's more, the principle of one plus six dual camera is different from that of one plus 5T. This time, the sub camera is only responsible for photographing portrait models