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May running score evaluation ranking of Angora rabbit the performance of smart phones has always been an important standard to judge whether a mobile phone is good or not. In this context, a variety of scoring software emerge in an endless stream. On June 4, rabbit rabbit, a famous scoring software in China, released the ranking of mobile phone scoring in May. On the list, one plus six is the first, while Xiaomi 8, known as the performance monster, is the last. Let's look at the specific ranking.

According to the list, one plus six, which was released soon, slightly ahead of nut R1 in the second place with a score of 274910 points, which also shows that one plus six is worthy of the title of 'suit thug'. What's more surprising is that nut R1 and black shark game mobile phone ranked second and third respectively with 272520 and 270235 points.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 +, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi mix 2S in the fourth to sixth place are all Xiaolong 845 models. The rabbit runs more than 260000 points in all three mobile phones, and the gap is not obvious.

The rest are Xiaolong 835 processor and Hisilicon 970. Their performance is about 210000, which is normal.

However, millet 8 released on May 31 did not appear on the list, which is quite surprising. In the press conference, rabbit running score of Xiaomi 8 reached 300000 +, because it was officially launched on May 31, and there were too few samples before; moreover, rabbit running score was summarized on an average score system, so even millet 8 had a running score of 300000. It's not included in the results, so Xiaomi 8 didn't make the list in May.

However, with the official launch of Xiaomi 8 and the launch of MIUI 10, the list in June is likely to change. At the same time, it is rumored that both vivo nex high configuration and oppo find x will adopt Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, which will not lose the top few places in terms of performance. Their introduction may cause some pressure on the mobile phones on the list.

However, the high score of rabbit running alone does not mean anything. The mobile phone is always a complex combination of factors. In addition to performance, there are many factors that will affect the overall experience of the mobile phone. For example, if the temperature control ability is not good, then the mobile phone processor cannot maintain long-term high-frequency operation, and the best performance is just a flash in the pan.

The above is all about rabbit released the ranking of mobile phone running points in May, one plus six first. I hope it can help you.