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Live address of Huawei glory play Conference

Sihainet: Huawei glory play press conference, live broadcast of pictures and pictures, glory 9i press conference is in progress! Glory officially announced that it will release two new heavyweights at the same time on June 6, namely glory play and glory 9i, which will probably reveal the breakthrough technology. The press conference will be held at 14:30 p.m. on June 6 in Beijing University Gymnasium.

Live address of Huawei glory play Conference

Video playback address of Huawei glory play Conference

The honor conference held a new product conference in Beijing this afternoon, officially releasing the honor play new product. As the first model with GPU turbo, the machine performed well in the game.

Before the product was released, Yu Chengdong first released the previously publicized 'very scary' Technology: the revolutionary image processing acceleration technology GPU turbo, which is a software and hardware collaboration technology. Huawei claims that it can improve the graphics processing efficiency of mobile phones by 60%. SOC energy consumption is reduced by 30%. When playing popular games, you can run "full frame".

Among them, HDR special effect technology can improve the display effect of the picture, with a wider dynamic range and more vivid color. When the game is running, you can also use animation effects, nostalgia effects, sharpening effects, etc.

GPU turbo will be installed on glory play for the first time. Glory play is a new product series besides glory series and V series, focusing on technology cool play. Glory play is designed with hidden bangs and a 6.3-inch screen, accounting for 89% of the total. Integrated metal body with flexible sandblasting at the back. The machine has three colors of magic night black, Aurora blue and star purple, as well as more design properties of magic night black cool play version and magic flame red cool play version.

As the first model integrated with GPU turbo, glory play has better game fluency and more stable frame rate. It is the first to support King glory, cross the line of fire, wilderness action, Jedi survival and other games, and continues to expand more games. According to the game data displayed on site, compared with other brands of mobile phones, glory play has better power loss, fluency and heat generation. How about the actual measurement? Yujia evaluation will also bring you more detailed experience.

Glory play also provides 4D intelligent earthquake sensation. At present, it has 10 Tags and more than 30 scenes. It uses artificial intelligence to match the vibration feedback in different scenes. 3D game sound effect, game assistant, WiFi / mobile data switching and other features also bring better video experience. Interestingly, glory also offers professional gamefilm with nanoscale surface microstructure.

In terms of photographing, glory play has 16 million AI dual cameras, as well as intelligent scene recognition. It has 22 kinds of tags and can recognize more than 500 kinds of scenes. The front camera takes 16 million AI self portraits. After facial recognition, it adopts three-dimensional beauty. It has 3D human image lighting effect and retains AI intelligent album function.

Glory play has an artificial intelligence NPU, the first emui 8.2 system, 6GB memory, and 3750mah battery. The price of 4 + 64GB all Netcom is 1999 yuan, the price of 6 + 64GB all Netcom is 2399 yuan, and the price of Coldplay is 2499 yuan. You can make an appointment from June 6 to June 10, and it will be launched on June 11.