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Is there any scientific basis for sitting on the moon?

Is there any scientific basis for sitting on the moon? sitting on the moon is a feudal bad habit in China for thousands of years. It can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty. There is a folk saying that after a woman gives birth, sitting on the moon can recuperate her body and make a living. However, is this really scientific? Recently, a woman died of a fever due to too much heat during sitting on the moon, which once again pushed the feudal bad habit of sitting on the moon to the top of the sea. It is a fake branch of sitting on the moon What do you learn? Let's see the details below!

On July 9, a young woman was sent to the people's Hospital of Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong Province by her family. She was diagnosed with heat radiation disease. The woman's family explained that because she had just had a baby, in order to prevent her from falling into the "moon disease" and "fear the cold and wind" in the future, they insisted on not turning on the air conditioner and fan and letting her cover the quilt. After examination, women's heart and liver have different degrees of damage. In view of the critical situation of the woman, the doctor tried his best to rescue her. However, the situation of the woman was so serious that she failed to save her young life in the end.

What's more, there have been many cases of heatstroke and even death in the country. Young mothers have not yet had time to enjoy the most beautiful stage of life, because of the ignorance and prejudice of their families, their lives have been ruined. However, we can't be the teacher behind us. Where is the problem? This article is compiled by, reprinted and noted with the source. The original link:

There is an old saying in China that "it's easy to break a thief in the mountain, but it's hard to break a thief in the heart". It means it's relatively easy to deal with tangible bad things, but it's much harder to break the misunderstanding and blindness in the heart. Pseudoscience is some people's "heart thief". In particular, the pseudo health science is often covered with two layers of icing, the first layer is' tradition '. It is said that this is a health care experience passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years or even longer, but there is no written and certifiable authority certification, often oral. The fuzzy direction conceals the unsubstantial weakness of the pseudo health science, and at the same time shows some mystery.

People who believe in this not only use it as evidence, but also as a reason to suppress other people's different opinions. The mantra is "there is no mistake in the experience left by our ancestors" and "we have come here before".

The second layer of sugar coating of pseudo health science is "love", especially for the puerpera, who is in a special period of relatively weak body and spirit after childbirth, it is easy to lose the rational resistance in front of the words that the family "wear more for your health". This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

In the cultivation of scientific thinking, there are too many adults who are giant babies in essence. They lack the ability to identify the so-called traditional health and fitness culture, and they will only accept all kinds of health care knowledge. They are eager to get more health protection, but they are easy to introduce the most deadly pseudoscience into their bodies and minds, and even harm others.

This is also a kind of ideological laziness. People with a little scientific literacy will have a basic skepticism about the unknown health preservation pseudoscience, and will learn and verify to obtain more knowledge and information, so as to make a prudent judgment on such pseudoscience. In particular, cases such as "sunstroke in confinement" have been exposed for many times, but families and mothers who still insist on such ignorant practices not only block their ears and eyes, but also close the last door of the brain to the information world.

In the face of the seriously polluted environment of science popularization, in addition to the improvement of people's rational cognitive level, it is also necessary to "sweep the dust" of scientific knowledge from the public level. Relevant public institutions should provide more compulsory science popularization. After the parturient is admitted to labor, the hospital should strengthen the propaganda of scientific knowledge to the parturient and their families, and block the entrance of pseudoscience by establishing scientific firewalls at all levels. Maybe similar tragedies will not happen again.

It is impossible for the society to become a sterile room. Under the guidance of various interests, all kinds of health preservation pseudoscience societies are constantly searching for ways to spread and realize. The old people will be attacked by pseudoscience information because of their credulity. The young people may also become victims because of their contempt for pseudoscience and their shame for human feelings. However, the public management organizations must always maintain the dust removal capacity. After all, the life is big, and the collective scientific enlightenment has a long way to go. The public management organizations should do a good job in planning a long-term war with the health pseudoscience. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link: