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Live address of mugulaza vs Sharapova in 2018 French Open women's singles 1 / 4 final

In 2018, the French Open primary competition will enter the 10th competition day, and all the top 8 matches of women's singles will be played: Stephens vs. casakina, Keith vs. Putin seva, muguruza vs. Sharapova, and halpur vs. cobel.

In the first half, four contestants, halapur vs. cobel, Sharapova vs. mugulaza, are all the current or former world's first. The total number of Grand Slams won by the four of them is nine! Although halapur is the laggard, she is the current world's first, and the most popular winner at present.

In the second half, Keith vs. purdinceva, Stephens vs. casakina, among them, Stephens was the only one who won the Grand Slam at the US Open last year, and she and Keith were the only two in the final. In addition, the four are the first time in the French Open into the last eight, Putin seva and cassagina have never entered the Grand Slam four.

Live event: muguraza vs Sharapova in 2018 French Open women's singles quarter final

Live time: 20:00, June 6

Live address: Id = 181364