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What is the meaning of wearing cheongsam in college entrance examination

Last year, many parents put on cheongsam to send their children to the entrance examination hall, which means that they have won. It's also a very good wish. Can candidates wear cheongsam? Xiaobian suggested not to wear loose and comfortable clothes as much as possible, which is convenient for answering questions. So what are the requirements of college entrance examination? Can I wear school uniform? Let's take a good look at the following.

Can I wear cheongsam in the college entrance examination

Cheongsam can be used in the college entrance examination, but it is usually worn by parents when they send their children for the examination, while the examinee's best choice is convenient, loose and comfortable clothes, so that they can concentrate on the examination in the examination room.

Recently, an old joke spread in wechat circle of friends: the mother who sent the exam should wear cheongsam (winning with cheongkai); the examinee must wear purple underpants, which means winning with purple (designated winning); in the morning, he has to eat zongzi, which is called high school; moreover, the examinee should not panic after getting the exam paper, kiss first, kiss and steady. In addition, if you want to take a taxi, you need to choose a "6" license plate. The person who delivers the test should be a horse, which means "six six big Shun" and "success in the end" & hellip; & hellip;

As a matter of fact, in order to win the praise and luck, most of the parents and teachers who wear cheongsam and red clothes smile and think it's OK. It's understandable. It's still a positive psychological hint. In a word, it's better to do a good job in the ordinary places, such as' don't nag, don't quarrel, take good care of the children's daily life, be considerate and don't criticize ', so as to create a relaxed and natural examination atmosphere and help children maintain a stable and good attitude. No confusion, no exacting, no comparison, no contrast, no conflict, all with nature as the main point.

What's the moral of wearing cheongsam in college entrance examination

Wearing a cheongsam in the college entrance examination means success.

Some parents joked that on the first day of the college entrance examination, the children could wear red, which could be 'on the way', and on the second day, they could wear green, which symbolized 'green light all the way'. The mother who sent the test must wear the cheongsam, which means "success in the first place". The father who sent the test must wear the horse divination, which means "success in the first place".

Candidates in the college entrance examination these days are suitable for wearing light color, loose and comfortable clothes. For example, white is a good choice, which can make people more easily calm down and not be disturbed by tension. In hot and humid cities, cotton, linen and silk clothes are preferred. Chiffon dress, lace skirt, slightly loose T-shirt, fashionable and comfortable wide leg pants can be worn to the college entrance examination.

What clothes can't be worn in the college entrance examination

1, school uniform

Students, don't wear uniforms on the day of college entrance examination! I don't know what message you are releasing with the invigilator.

2. Jumpsuit

Female students may usually like to wear jumpsuit, especially those with waistband, which is the perfect X-shape. But the Jumpsuit is not convenient to go to the bathroom, and it is also easy to get sultry.

3. Clothes in beautiful colors

Gorgeous colors make many girls love it, but for serious college entrance examination, too gorgeous colors will distract your spirit and make your mood anxious. Not only that, under such gorgeous colors, how can the invigilator not pay special attention to you? Too much attention will make the examinee feel 'Alexandria', and avoid gorgeous colors and calm response to the college entrance examination!

4. Dress with metal zipper

This season's college entrance examination metal parts can't take people to the examination room. Although the metal zipper won't let you be rejected, the beep sound of going through the security door will make you feel nervous. To avoid the interference caused by such items, you can choose the sports pants with elastic belt, which can let you play more naturally!