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Is Acfun what Kwai Kwai takeover is true? What is the truth of Acfun's acquisition by fast hands?

Sihai: early June 5th, the Kwai Fu confirmed that it had completed the overall acquisition of Acfun. In the future, A station will maintain its independent brand, maintain its independent operation, maintain its original team and develop independently. The Kwai will also give A station strong support in capital, resources and technology.

The operation process of station a has been invested in the early stage, but the energy in the later stage is insufficient

Station a was founded in June 2007, taking the meaning of anime comic fun. It is the first barrage video website in mainland China. At that time, the video website barrage was just in its infancy. Standing in the field of barrage, station a seized the first opportunity, and was quickly popular among netizens, laying the foundation for becoming the most professional video barrage in mainland China.

In August 2015, station a announced that Youku Tudou received a round a financing of US $50 million.

In January 2016, a + round financing of US $60 million was invested by Softbank China capital.

In August 2016, Huace invested 50 million yuan in strategic financing.

In November 2016, station a announced the acquisition of Chinese online investment of A-share listed companies. Chinese online plans to invest 250 million yuan in cash to subscribe for 13.51% of its equity. The post investment valuation of station a reached 1.85 billion.

However, the a station that obtained multiple rounds of investment eventually climbed up, but fell down. According to the announcement of online investment in Chinese, the operating revenue of station a in 2015 is about 3.64 million yuan, with a net loss of 113 million yuan. The operating revenue of station a in the first nine months of 2016 is about 710000 yuan, with a net loss of 146 million yuan. Station a with total assets of 36.26 million yuan and total liabilities of 148 million yuan. According to this situation, 250 million yuan of Chinese online investment can only help station a to maintain for one year, and station a will carry out model innovation.

The company is not able to develop due to internal disorder

Station a also experienced several executive rotation. In 2010, the founder of station a sold station a to Chen Shaojie, the current CEO of douyu, for 4 million yuan, but due to contradictions, station a was later sold to Yang Xinmiao.

In 2014, Youku formally sued station a for infringement. New executives attributed the infringement to the original executives of station a, and several of the former executives were detained. The original technical team and editing team also basically quit. The scale of the company's team is not shaped, and it has been in conflict and dispute. How to develop.

Station a needs mode innovation

In the era of the rapid rise of video websites, the bullet screen technology has become mature, and the market has also become saturated. If the bullet screen alone is the attraction of video websites, it is obviously not feasible at present. If station a wants to get rid of this dilemma, it needs to find a new operation mode in business expansion.

And this quick acquisition of A station may be a Kwai straw for A station. For the A station's operation mode after the acquisition, the Kwai Fu said that A station will maintain its independent brand, maintain its independent operation, maintain its original team and develop independently. The Kwai will also give strong support to A station in terms of capital, resources and technology.

The Kwai Fu takeover is a gospel for the dying A station. But after all, the mode of station a is not suitable for the video market. If you want to regain a place in the video article market, you have to strive to explore a new operation mode suitable for yourself.