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What should candidates do in the last two days of 2018 college entrance examination

One day before the college entrance examination, Xiaobian, as a person from the past, said that it's not nervous but fake. Xiaobian thought that he had worked hard at ordinary times. He must have a good attitude before the examination. The best attitude is to actively take the challenge. The examinees must have a good rest and adjust their attitude to be invincible. Here are some tips to share with you. You can refer to them.

Don't think about anything on the last day. Exercise more. Your mind is empty and easy to fall asleep. You won't think about anything tomorrow.

1. Stop learning new things (or doing difficult questions). There are 7 days left, which can't be grasped firmly. On the contrary, due to the lack of self-confidence, there is no bottom in mind.

2. Pay attention to your body. (needless to say)

3. Adjust sleep. From the third day to the last. Sleep less, and you'll sleep better the last day. (Reference: good grades come from sleeping! In the end, sprint to arrange work and rest time like this, and the score of college entrance examination will not be poor!)

Last 2 days: ensure sleep quality

A week before the exam, many examinees show such situations as fidgety and meaningless mistakes when doing questions, which are caused by long-term physical and mental fatigue. To change these situations, about one week before the college entrance examination, we should adjust the work and rest time. We used to go to sleep at 12:00 or a little at night, and now we start to go to sleep one or one and a half hours in advance, accumulating our ability and energy.

Sleep status directly affects the state of the body. From the week before the test, we should put the adjustment of sleep in an important position. Some examinees will lose sleep before the exam due to tension, biological clock disorder and other reasons. Here are some countermeasures:

First, don't always think about what "in case" will appear in the college entrance examination, don't put forward unrealistic requirements for yourself, and be sure to have an optimistic attitude; second, don't drive the "night train", plan out the work and rest time according to your own situation, and be sure to work and rest on time, so that the biological clock can work normally; Third, if insomnia, do not use medicine as much as possible, can carry out dietotherapy, such as drinking a glass of milk or eating an apple before going to bed; fourth, before going to bed, you can use hot water to soak your feet, and massage your head and feet; before going to bed, don't drink a lot of water, so as to avoid increasing the frequency of getting up at night and affecting the quality of sleep.

Some examinees with poor physical quality who are prone to cold and fever must take preventive measures in advance, or go to the hospital to consult the doctor. If they do have a cold and fever during the examination, it will not only affect the test results, but also affect the psychological state.