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Why to stand up suddenly giddy blackout to stand up suddenly giddy blackout is hypoglycemia many people must have this experience in life. When lying or squatting, suddenly standing up, they will begin to feel dizzy, blurred in front of their eyes, and even faint when they are serious. They will return to normal in a few minutes. This can not help but make people wonder, is this anemia or hypoglycemia? Or other signs of more serious illness? Let's explain why!

Why do you feel dizzy when you get up suddenly

1、 It's probably caused by postural hypotension

1. What is postural hypotension exactly?

Postural hypotension is also called orthostatic asthenia. It's easy to understand, that is, in the case of sudden standing, the position of the head rises rapidly, the heart has not yet had time to transport enough blood to the brain, the brain is temporarily lack of oxygen, resulting in dizziness or fainting.

2. Vulnerable population

Postural hypotension is usually found in children, frail women, the elderly and patients taking some special drugs. But it does not mean that the occurrence of postural hypotension means that the body is weak and unhealthy.

2、 How to prevent postural hypotension

1. When squatting down and getting up, it is better to keep a relatively slow speed, not to stand too fast, so that the body can have time to react. It can not only give the brain time to react, but also avoid many bumps and other accidents.

2. In the case of cold, fever, diarrhea, and after drinking, we should pay more attention and timely supplement water. Although dizziness seems to have no direct relationship with water supplement, in fact, when the body is full of water, it can speed up blood circulation. Especially in the hot summer, it is easy to sweat. If the body loses too much water and does not replenish water in time, it will directly affect the speed of blood circulation.

3. If you are taking antihypertensive drugs, sedatives and other drugs, you should pay more attention. When you stand up, you'd better lean on the support to avoid sudden fainting and falling.

4. At ordinary times, we should exercise more, strengthen exercise and enhance our body quality to improve our immunity. At the same time, we need a balanced diet.

5. The above points need to be noted on weekdays. When necessary, moxibustion can also be accepted, and persistence can achieve obvious results.

3、 Is it really not related to anemia and hypoglycemia?

In fact, it is not true that anemia and hypoglycemia patients will also have this situation, but it is not directly related to the sudden change of body position, but in any case, dizziness and other phenomena may occur. Therefore, we should distinguish the manifestations of anemia, hypoglycemia and postural hypotension.

If this kind of syncope occurs due to the sudden change of body position only once or twice occasionally, you don't need to worry too much. But if at ordinary times, often accompanied by pale, weak hands and feet and other phenomena, it should be timely medical examination, the right medicine, so as not to delay treatment.