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Joker Xue's ex-wife suspected to respond to divorce. Joker Xue's ex-wife Gao Leixin's reason for div

Joker Xue's singing for his ex-wife at the concert has touched countless netizens. Although the two have been divorced, there is really little peace after divorce. Why is Joker Xue divorced from her ex-wife? Is it true that Joker Xue divorces herself?

In July 19th, Joker Xue's ex-wife Gao Leixin burned his photos in micro-blog, and made such a statement: "the heart is better than the looks, and is more important than love!" it is the first time to respond to the deep expression of Joker Xue's concert and even the reason for divorce: it is more important to understand than love.

The netizen commented: 'just be yourself! Be happy!' and 'yes, it's more important to know than to love. Maybe it's true to know that you can love and leave each other'

When the news of Joker Xue's divorce came to light, many viewers were amazed: "when did he get married?" Joker Xue's ex-wife, micro-blog, issued a suspected response to a divorce. What kind of secret story is hidden behind the two divorces? Is it true that the two party's agreement is really divorced? Is Joker Xue really a clean boy? (this article is exclusive by the editor of WYH, which needs to be reprinted. Please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

According to the divorce agreement published by the Internet, Joker Xue or a net family. Two people were married for about three years. The woman used to be a model car. He was once a famous advertising model in Shanghai. Two people had no children. After marriage, Joker Xue paid his ex wife Gao Leixin ten million yuan, paid 5 million yuan before June 1, 2016, and then paid 5 million yuan before October 2016, and the house belonged to Gao Leixin.

To this end, the media to Joker Xue propaganda team verification, the other side said Joker Xue has never publicly married, and "our company does not control the entertainers' private life, we heard this news is also dizzy", for rumors, Joker Xue propaganda team think is' not yet confirmed 'interest rate. Joker Xue was exposed to divorce. The divorce agreement agreement showed Joker Xue gave the woman ten million plus a building. It is reported that Joker Xue's ex-wife named Gao Leixin is a model who often shows beautiful photos in micro-blog. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Lei Xin and Joker Xue's "scandal" began in 2009. According to the insider, two people met in 2005 or so, and then there was news that the 2009 Shanghai auto show Gao Leixin was Joker Xue's Secret couple. Joker Xue also responded positively to his relationship with Gao Leixin, saying that two people were purely friends and their feelings were blank, and they just wanted to focus on their careers. Then, in 2010, two people were photographed by IKEA netizens for a visit to IKEA. In May 2012, Joker Xue issued a "grandmother forced marriage" of micro-blog, while Gao Leixin updated in micro-blog, "life can have several eight years' and" prepare wedding "and so on (all deleted), many modest friends guess two people were preparing for the wedding. Now that Joker Xue is divorced from the family, the reason for divorce is not known for a while. The news is really shocking.