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Did Fan Bingbing apologize to Cui Yongyuan? What happened to Fan Bingbing's yin yang contract

Recently, Fan Bingbing's Cui Yongyuan incident has caused a lot of trouble. The reason lies in the movie "mobile phone". Cui Yongyuan had a dispute with Feng Xiaogang and Liu Zhenyun ten years ago, and because "mobile phone 2" was about to be released, Cui Yongyuan's request was refused, which made Cui Yongyuan angry. Fan Bingbing's microblog offended Cui Yongyuan, who broke out and signed a yin-yang contract. As things get bigger and bigger, what's the matter with Fan Bingbing's yin-yang contract? What happened to Fan Bingbing's apology to Cui Yongyuan? Come and have a look.

Cui Yongyuan apologizes to Fan Bingbing? Cui Yongyuan said: Fan Bingbing has apologized to me

Since the film "mobile phone 2" started shooting, with Cui Yongyuan bombarding Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun and Fan Bingbing, on May 28 and 29, Cui Yongyuan continuously published the "Yin-Yang contract" suspected of Fan Bingbing on Weibo. On June 3, the relevant local tax authorities of Wuxi City formally intervened in the investigation of the "Yin-Yang contract". But around 23 o'clock on June 3, there was a big reversal.

On the evening of June 3, the self media 'Mars laboratory' released an article titled "exclusive interview with Cui Yongyuan: apologizing to Fan Bingbing, the '4-day 60 million contract' has nothing to do with her". The article claimed that Cui Yongyuan detailed his overall plan for mobile phone 2, which was intended to hit mobile phone 2, but because the event was like snowballing, Cui Yongyuan felt that things had been made big, and he himself He lost the ability to control. For the "4-day 60 million contract", he said it was true, and the real amount was more than ten times that. 'but the party is not Fan Bingbing, but someone else. And to the affected Fan Bingbing, Xu Fan, Liu Zhenyun's daughter Liu Yulin three women 'apologize'.

Cui Yongyuan's style displayed in this interview article is different from his consistent "stick to the end" and his attitude when he was interviewed by the media. It can be called a 180 degree change. Therefore, many netizens questioned the authenticity of this interview. The "Mars laboratory" replied to the netizens' query in a unified way. On June 4, at noon, a 122 second interview recording of Cui Yongyuan was released.

However, Cui Yongyuan's personal micro blog has never expressed the authenticity of the interview. Yesterday, Cui Yongyuan released a micro blog about the 'collapse of domestic culture and media stocks led by Huayi Brothers and Tang De film and television', with no guilt or apology between the lines.

In the event of the yin-yang contract, the public generally guessed that the star exposed by Cui Yongyuan was Fan Bingbing according to the microblog. Cui denied that the "four-day 60 million yuan" contract involved Fan Bingbing and said that the two had communicated privately. Fan Bingbing said that she was very sad and cried in a mess.

Reporter: did Fan Bingbing apologize to you? Cui Yongyuan replied: sorry. She apologized that she didn't know, I don't think I believe she didn't know, but she can only say that.

So, what does Cui Yongyuan's exposure have to do with Liu Zhenyun and Feng Xiaogang? Cui Yongyuan's response is: No, that is, readers want to see the yin-yang contract. They don't know what the yin-yang contract is. I'll show it to them.

So, regarding Fan Bingbing's contract, does Cui Yongyuan have any evidence or information about her tax evasion? Cui Yongyuan said: the final conclusion can only be reached after the tax bureau's investigation.

Cui Yongyuan has broken the hidden rules of "Yin-Yang contract" in the film and television circle and let the public see "a good play", but how to go about the plot of this play? rub one's eyes and wait.