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What's the result of Zhou Libo's gun and drug case? Why is Zhou Libo acquitted at 10:00 p.m. on June 4, Zhou Libo's drug-related and gun holding case opened for the 11th time in Nassau County District Court of New York state. According to the latest news, the result of this court hearing has come out: because Zhou Libo admitted to driving and hitting mobile phones, he was fined 150 US dollars (about 960 RMB) for traffic violation. The prosecution dismissed the other four charges and did not lift guns and drugs at the court. Zhou Libo was acquitted in the case involving guns and drugs. Zhou Libo is satisfied with the result and will not appeal.

On the same day, Zhou Libo and Hu Jie walked into the court hand in hand, feeling relaxed. Wave to the camera. Hu Jie is wearing a red dress, smiling, holding a black and white wave point handbag, carefully matching. Zhou Libo is a gray pattern suit, wearing a red tie, leather shoes also have red elements embellishment, seems to have no pressure.

Case review:

On January 18, 2017, New York time, New York police found that the driver of a black Mercedes Benz used electronic products (mobile phones) while driving and was suspected of snake driving. Later, the police stopped and searched it in Long Island, and found a pistol and two bags of cocaine in the car. Police immediately arrested the driver Zhou Libo and the copilot Tang Shuang. Tang Shuang is a doctor and scientist at MIT.

Zhou Libo and Tang Shuang

In a subsequent search, police found a black holster, a pistol with bullets, and two transparent plastic bags containing drugs. The two were arrested on the spot.

Zhou Libo then received a subpoena from Nassau County District Court of New York (special) state. Zhou Libo left with his wife and lawyer after paying $5000 bail.

Zhou Libo told reporters waiting outside before leaving that the guns in his car were legal, but he didn't say who owned the guns or mention drugs.

Since then, after investigation, the prosecution has decided not to initiate criminal prosecution against another party in the incident, and Zhou Libo has become the only object of prosecution.

On December 18, 2017, the grand jury voted to sue Zhou Libo. U.S. prosecutors accused Zhou Libo of drug possession, illegal gun possession, traffic violations and other charges. In addition, the prosecution believes that Zhou Libo's pistol, which is full of bullets and loaded, is likely to shoot at any time and is highly dangerous. Once all these charges and reasons are established, Bobo will face up to 21 years in prison.

At 10 a.m. local time on May 24, Zhou Libo's drug-related and gun related case was heard for the 10th time in New York, the United States. According to the latest news, the Nassau County Court in New York, the United States decided to cancel Zhou Libo's suspected drug-related and gun related case, and the judge has adopted the motion of cancellation. The case was finally pronounced on June 4 to cancel Zhou Libo's gun related and drug-related case.