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Can I eat crayfish yellow? Where can I not eat crayfish

Now it's the season for crayfish to go on the market. There is also a figure of crayfish on the night stand. How to eat crayfish? Which parts are not edible? Can the yellow of crawfish be eaten? You can't be ignorant of these common sense about a foodie!

Where is the yellow of crayfish

The yellow of crayfish is in the head, but the head of crayfish is easy to be polluted, so there are many news on the Internet that the head of crayfish is not suitable for eating, so the yellow of crayfish is also recommended to eat less.

The yellow substance in crayfish head is shrimp yellow. When the female shrimp reaches the mature stage, the head and neck will contain shrimp yellow, so the shrimp with shrimp yellow must be female shrimp, but if there is no shrimp yellow, it is not necessarily male shrimp, and if the female shrimp is not mature, it cannot be seen. The common crabmeat is little known for its yellow color. The head and neck of the female shrimp contain the yellow color before they are pregnant with eggs, which is commonly known as "red head baby". Eat lobster, in addition to shrimp meat, attractive shrimp yellow is also a lot of people's favorite. Lobster head, gills, intestines, and many people's favorite shrimp yellow, it is best to remove, do not eat. Experts said that the gills, liver, stomach and other major organs of crawfish are concentrated in the head, and the food and water flow pass and stay in the head. The heavy metal content in the head of crawfish is often higher than that in the tail, and the yellow is the gonad of crawfish, which is close to the liver and easy to be polluted. Therefore, shrimp yellow is best eaten less.

Crayfish is really adaptable to the environment and can survive in the polluted places. In the case of water pollution, fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products living in the water will indeed enrich pollutants, the most typical of which include methylmercury, cadmium, polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxins. And the ability of crayfish to accumulate heavy metals is higher than grass carp and crucian carp. Where are these heavy metals and pollutants? Most of them are transferred to the shell, and with the continuous growth and shelling, these heavy metal toxins are also removed from the body; the other part is concentrated in gills and viscera, which are mainly in the head. There is no need to worry about shrimp body pie. There are not too many heavy metals in the meat at the tail. It is unlikely to cause heavy metal poisoning, but it is not recommended to eat shrimp head.

Can I have the Yellow paste of crayfish

It's better not to eat.

From a healthy point of view, it is not recommended to eat the head of shrimp. In addition to the sediment, there may be risks such as parasites. The black line on the back of the abdomen of shrimp is its intestines, which of course is the poop of shrimp. It should be removed before cooking. In addition, don't eat drunk shrimp, shrimp sashimi and other foods. Some parasites can take shrimp as the intermediate host. Take Paragonimus hepatica as an example. Its larvae 'cysticercus' parasitize in the muscle of shrimp. If people eat the shrimp with Cysticercus, they may be infected with paragonimiasis hepatica. General condiments such as soy sauce and vinegar can not kill the metacercariae in fish and shrimp, but they are safe after high temperature cooking.

Generally speaking, lobster head, gills, intestines, and many people's favorite shrimp yellow may taste good, but it's better to remove them and not eat them. The main organs of crawfish, such as gills, liver and stomach, are concentrated in the head, and the food and water flow pass and stay in the head. The heavy metal content in the head part of shrimp is often higher than that in the tail part, and the yellow part of shrimp is the gonad of crawfish, which is close to the liver and easy to be polluted. Therefore, it's better to eat less shrimp yellow, especially when it's unclear whether the shrimp is clean or not, it's better not to eat shrimp yellow.

Where can't I eat crayfish

1. Shrimp head

How many parasites and pathogenic bacteria are there in the shrimp head? You will be shocked if you use a microscope to look at them! Shrimp head, throw it directly! It's best to cut off the shrimp's head before cooking.

2. Shrimp yellow

It's too hard to give up shrimp yellow! But when you can't be sure if the lobster is clean or dirty, give up! Prawn yellow is very close to prawn's liver. It's very easy to be polluted. It's light if you eat too much and have stomachache. Don't get a food poisoning and go to the hospital. Thank God!

3. Shrimp sausage

Shrimp intestines are the shrimp lines we know well. Almost all restaurants don't bother to go to the shrimp lines, so diners should be more careful. The shrimp lines are the gathering place of heavy metals, toxins and dirt. We must pick them out!