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Did Chuqiao give yuwenyue the first time? Yuwen Yue kissed Chu Qiao with his kiss.

Last night, Mr. Yue's brain finally opened up. Does the flirting mode officially go online give the audience an unprecedented feeling? After all, Yu Wenyue has not only flirted with Chuqiao with love words, but also kissed with a word of disagreement? Does it look very sweet?

Since yuwenyue and Chuqiao accidentally kissed each other in the bathroom, it's very natural for yuwenyue to kiss Chuqiao. However, after seeing the comments from many netizens, we found that we were not satisfied with the way yuwenyue kissed Chuqiao, because the public were very looking forward to seeing that yuwenyue kissed Chuqiao intensely! (this article was compiled exclusively by WYH, editor of , if you need to reprint, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Yuwenyue kisses Chuqiao

Yuwen Yue loves Chuqiao so much. When Yuwen Yue mistakenly thinks that Wei Shuye has hurt Chuqiao, Yuwen Yue takes Yuewei to kill him. On July 7, yuwenyue persuades yuwenyue to give up Chuqiao. Yuwenyue doesn't listen at all. In order to find Chuqiao, yuwenyue even makes a deal with Xiao CE to help him solve the problem of the former camp owner. In fact, Yu Wenyue did so much, hoping that Chu Qiao would be happy, and that Chu Qiao would not be in any danger. But Chu Qiao's final answer to Yu Wenyue was that she would still go to Yan Xun's side. Yu Wenyue could not stand it. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Yu Wenyue is shy and kisses Chuqiao

When yuwenyue is faced with losing Chuqiao again, yuwenyue is very anxious, and then looks for Chuqiao everywhere. Fortunately, Chuqiao appears in time and tells yuwenyue that Yanxun needs her, so she has to go back to Yanbei. But after hearing Chu Qiao's words, Yu Wenyue directly turns around and hugs Chu Qiao and kisses him. However, Yu Wenyue is really too shy. Since they are all married, he doesn't have a passion. Besides, Yu Wenyue is just behind the bed. When raw rice cooks mature rice, Chu Qiao can't leave. He can only say that Yu Wenyue is inexperienced in this respect.