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How to eat crayfish (picture)

Now it's the season for crayfish to go on the market. It's not only the dinner table and night market stalls at home, but also its shadow. How to eat the delicious crawfish correctly? This picture of crayfish is rare. Come and have a look. Save it!

1. The correct way to eat crawfish

After eating crayfish for so many years, many people should not know that there are still male and female crayfish, let's learn together.

2. The correct way to eat crayfish

Friends who eat crayfish all the year know that the bigger the crayfish, the more expensive it is. Let's compare the common items in life and show you how big the crawfish of different weight are.

3. The correct way to eat crayfish

Crawfish industry insiders all know that judging a shrimp is not clean depends on whether its gills are white enough. Because gill is the breathing organ of crayfish, the impurities in water must be filtered through gill. Shrimp raised in shallow water will have black gills because there are many impurities in the water. Only shrimp raised in deep water lake can have clean gills and clean mind.

If the growth environment is not clean, how many times can not wash away the inner impure shrimp. So how to judge what kind of shrimp gill is white gill and what kind is black gill?

4. The right way to eat crawfish

5. The correct way to eat crawfish

Shrimp yellow is rich in nutrition, which is the most precious place on shrimp, generally located at the head of shrimp. What's the best way to eat shrimp yellow

Bite down according to the position shown in the figure. The sauce of crayfish is mixed with the delicious yellow shrimp. How can it taste like this! (it should be noted that only the over head shrimp can bite like this, and the stomach pouch at the front of the head can't be eaten.)

6. The correct way to eat crawfish

Lobster tastes good, but its shell is hard to peel. Let's see how to peel the ancestral strategies:

After pinching the shell of the shrimp tail, it's easier to peel it off

7. The correct way to eat crawfish

In winter, the production of crayfish is relatively small, and some businesses will freeze some of them in summer and sell them in winter. How can frozen shrimp be distinguished from fresh live shrimp?

8. The right way to eat crawfish

Most businesses selling crayfish will remove the shrimp line before making it, but this will make the shrimp meat loose and affect the taste. In order to taste the most delicious taste, the diners can get the shrimp line.

The shrimp line is in the position shown in the figure. After finding it, you can pick it out. Professional food can usually draw a whole shrimp line~

Don't throw the white skin off the back of the shrimp line, it's the place with the most astaxanthin on the shrimp. Astaxanthin has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

9. The right way to eat crawfish

As we all know, crayfish is divided into green shrimp and red shrimp. The color of living prawns is blue, while red prawns are slightly darker than green prawns. Generally, you can only eat prawns before the middle of May. At this time, the shell of shrimp is soft, the meat is tender, and the nutritional value is high. After ripening, the color is light red and slightly yellow, as shown in the following figure:

Crayfish can adapt to all kinds of pollution, but it also has a good mechanism of emission and detoxification, so the content of pollutants in its body does not necessarily exceed the standard. Crayfish can transfer heavy metals to the shell, and then transfer toxins out of the body through continuous molting, which is one of the reasons why it can withstand heavy metal pollution. At present, research shows that although crayfish has a certain enrichment capacity for heavy metals, most of them are concentrated in the gills, viscera and shells of shrimp that we don't like to eat. For us who eat shrimp meat, it is less likely to cause heavy metal poisoning.