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What is trucho's real life experience in trucho's biography

What is Chuqiao's real identity in Chuqiao's biography the popularity of the biography of Chu Qiao has caused extensive discussion, and it is about to end soon. The real identity of Chu Qiao is still unclear. Is Chu Qiao a modern person who has crossed back or an ancient princess? Here's a small compilation to reveal the real life experience of Chu Qiao!

The story of Chu Qiao is coming to an end. Who is the real identity of Chu Qiao? According to Xiao Yu, the princess of the southern Liang Dynasty, it can be inferred that the leader of Fengyun was the one who killed Yu Wenhao and seriously injured her experts. It coincides with the fragment in Chuqiao's memory, and Xiao Yu also said that his eyes are very similar to those of the Lord of the storm.

Yuwenhao is the son of yuwenxi. He was killed when he robbed Fengyun order earlier. Yuwenhuai is the son of yuwenhao. But yuwenhuai is not his own grandson. He was born by GE Ji.

The true identity of Chuqiao in Chuqiao's biography has gradually become clear. Chuqiao is the master of Fengyun order, and his father is the emperor. Now Chuqiao becomes a princess.

The emperor of that year consolidated his strength with the spy paper Tianyan. He was with Luo He, the master of Fengyun order. Luo God passed all his skills to Chuqiao when he was dying, and even gave the cold mountain order to Chuqiao. Chuqiao couldn't bear the power of tyranny, and was sealed by her mother. Later, there was a traitor in Hanshan League. In order to protect his daughter, Luo he was finally killed. Death.

Yu Wenhao killed Chuqiao because he wanted to seize Fengyun order. What's Fengyun order? Fengyun order is the keepsake of the leader of Hanshan League. It's learned that Chuqiao's mother is Luohe, that is, the leader of Hanshan League. Later, it was said that it was located in Chuqiao that Yu Wenhao killed Chuqiao and robbed Fengyun order.

The TV series "the story of Chu Qiao" is on the air, directed by Wu Jinyuan, and starred by Zhao Liying, Lin Xin, Dou Xiao and Li Qin. The editor will show you the personality analysis of the three main male characters in the story, and predict the ending of their respective main male characters.