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Why does one drink milk to have diarrhea and drink milk on an empty stomach lead to diarrhea in daily life, some people may have diarrhea as soon as they drink milk, which causes malnutrition all the time. So why? Milk is rich in nutrition, so why does it lead to diarrhea after eating?

Reason 1: lactose intolerance

If you have diarrhea easily after drinking milk, you should go to the hospital to do a lactose tolerance test. In fact, many people have diarrhea after drinking milk because of lactose intolerance. If it's because of completely congenital lactose intolerance, you can only drink milk later. Although it's caused by congenital reasons, if you really want to drink, you can drink a small amount of milk, only We should strictly control the quantity.

Cause 2: allergy

But some people may have diarrhea after drinking milk because they are allergic to a certain substance in milk. If they are allergic, they should first go to the hospital for an allergen test to see the degree of allergy and then carry out a step-by-step desensitization treatment plan, so that they can drink milk later.

If you don't adapt to one brand of milk, you will have diarrhea, while others won't. If you drink pure milk, you will have diarrhea, but if you drink yogurt, you won't. Some people may have diarrhea after drinking milk or cold milk. These are normal conditions.

If you have diarrhea after drinking milk, if it's only an occasional case, it's suggested that you don't often drink some cooler milk in your daily life or you can choose different brands and types of milk. You can't really use plant milk or milk drinks instead of milk.

Milk is a common nutrient rich drink in daily life. Regular drinking milk can help people improve the quality of skin, and may also improve the quality of sleep to a certain extent. Some people may not sleep well at night, but if they drink a glass of milk before going to bed, they can improve their sleep quality to a great extent. However, please be careful not to drink too much milk before going to bed, or they will go to the toilet at night, which will affect their sleep quality.

Always drink milk diarrhea must find out what is the cause, if it is due to lactose intolerance, then drink less milk. If this happens only occasionally, it doesn't need to be paid much attention. It may be caused by the dysfunction of spleen and stomach, or the imbalance of intestinal flora at that time. Just adjust your body.