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How much did the tourists pay for breaking the jade bracelet?

How much did the tourists pay for breaking the jade bracelet? Recently, a tourist accidentally broke 300000 jade bracelets caused public concern. A woman tried wearing jade bracelets at the counter, but accidentally broke the jade bracelets. When she learned that the value of the jade bracelets was 300000, the tourists fainted on the spot. Recently, the incident has made the latest progress. Both parties have reached a compensation agreement. How much did the tourists who broke the jade bracelets lose? Let's see the details below!

On the 18th, the reporter learned from the Ruili precious jade Association of Yunnan Province that the tourist fee lady who fainted after the negotiation broke the selling price of 300000 yuan (person name currency, the same below) reached a compensation agreement with the merchant on the 17th, and finally made compensation at the price of 170000 yuan. The lady fee took 70% responsibility and the merchant took 30% responsibility.

At about 10 o'clock on June 27, Ms. Fei, a Jiangxi tourist, came to Jiegu Jade City, Ruili City, Yunnan Province. Before visiting the shop of "Lin's Jadeite", she put an jadeite bracelet on her hand. The shop owner told her that the bracelet she wore cost 300000 yuan, and she wanted to take it off. After taking off the bracelet, Ms. Fei didn't put it on the counter, but directly fell to the ground and fell into two pieces. Thinking of the high price of bracelets and her own economic situation, Ms. Fei fainted at the scene, causing a heated discussion on the Internet after the incident.

"Under the leadership of Ruili Consumer Association and Ruili judiciary, the two sides signed a compensation agreement on the 17th. Chen Hui, President of ruilibao Jade Association, said that on that day ruilibao Jade Association, as a witness, participated in the signing of the compensation agreement between the two sides. 'the agreement is to compensate for the price of 170000 jadeite bracelets. "According to Chen Hui, Ms. Fei takes 70% of the responsibility and Lin's Jadeite takes 30% of the responsibility.

'as for the compensation price and responsibility division, both parties have agreed to sign. The payment method can be transfer or cash payment, but it must be paid in one time. "Said Chen Hui. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

Ruili City in Yunnan province borders on Myanmar, and jadeite trade is one of the main local economic and trade. Jiegu jade city is one of the famous jewelry and jade distribution centers, attracting many jewelers and jewelers to buy.

It is reported that Ruili Gemstone Association was established and applied in 1994. After being registered with Ruili Civil Affairs Bureau, it was officially established as an industry association. It is also the most standardized and authoritative Association in Ruili's jewelry and jade trade. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

When Ms. Fei, who was breaking 300, 000 bracelets, ran away. At noon on July 11, Ms. Fei came out for an interview with the media and said that she was a low-income insurance account, but she didn't want to escape. She will bear the responsibility eventually determined to her, no matter whether it is a lawsuit or another procedure.