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Video replay of France 3-1 Italy football friendly on June 2, 2018 at 3:00 a.m. on June 2, 2018, an international football warm-up match was held in the Riviera stadium, with France playing at home against Italy. In the first half, umtiti broke the deadlock, glitzman shot to enlarge the score, Bonucci pulled back to a city. In the second half, he scored in the middle of the frame, and finally France beat Italy 3-1 at home.

June 2 football friendly match France 3-1 Italy video playback address:

The match is in nice, the home of the club where Italian ace Balotelli plays. In the last return to the first show, Bashi scored, and today's game continues to get the first chance, while caldalla, Barcelona, Berardi and Mandela Gora are all the first choice. For France, borgba and Cante are in midfield, while grizman, denbelle and mbape form the attack line.

At the beginning of the match, in the 8th minute, Stewart guard parval made a right cross, and mbape's volley was blocked by cyrigu, while umditi's shot in the middle in front of the goal entered the net, 1-0, France took the lead. In the 16th minute, Balotelli shot far above the crossbeam. In the 20th minute, grizman went back to work in front of the penalty area. Cantor kept up with him in the middle and shot far away. The ball hit the left post to pop out the baseline. Six minutes later, denbelle split the ball on the right side, and mbape twisted his right foot to hit a little bit.

In the 29th minute, Lucas Hernandez came into the penalty area with the ball and tripped over by Mandela Gora. The referee blew a penalty. Grizman shot in the lower right corner. Cyrigo was in the right direction but could not change the goal. 2-0, France expanded the result.

In the 36th minute, Italy got a set piece on the left side of the penalty area. Balotelli took the lead and shot directly. Lori saved the set piece. Bonucci shot on the right side in front of Bonucci's goal, 1-2, Italy pulled back a goal.

At the end of the first half, France led Italy 2-1.

Yi Bian fought again. In the 46th minute, bellardi scored on the right side and Balotelli's shot from the right side of the penalty area was blocked. Then, France hit back quickly, debelle took all the way to the left side of the penalty area, then two defenders were buckled and shot hard, and the ball hit the crossbar to pop out the baseline. The 52nd minute, bogba forbidden area left side points the ball, torreso shoots to hit the deviation.

In the 63rd minute, Kantor cut the ball and sent out the straight plug. In the middle of mbape, he was brought to the forbidden area. The ball was touched by the guard. Denbelle started to shoot without stopping on the left side of the forbidden area. The ball flew into the upper right corner of the goal over cyrillo's head in an arc. France changed the score to 3-1. Five minutes later, desilio was sent to the penalty area on the left, and Balotelli hit the goal with a header. The 75th minute, Balotelli small angle shot higher than the beam.

The 77th minute, substitutes enters the scene because the Sinai middle road sends straight plug, Balotelli inserts the forbidden area to shoot high. Balotelli was injured after shooting and was replaced by belotti 10 minutes later. In the 85th minute, mattuidi passed from the left to the bottom, and he just came on as a substitute in the middle of towan's volley, and the ball was saved by Cyrillic magically.

In the end, the whole match ended, France beat Italy 3-1 at home.

Two teams:

France: 1-lori, 21-lucas Hernandez (63rd minute, Benjamin Mendy), 5-ummeti, 17-rami, 2-parval, 6-pogba (87th minute, nzongzi), 13 Cante, 12 toleso, 11 Osman denbelle (70th minute, Lemar), 7-glitzman (77th minute, GIRU), 10 mbape (84th minute, towan)

Italy: 1-cyrillo, 2-desilio, 5-carrara, 19-bonucci, 3-danbrosio (75th minute, danbrosio), 27 Mandela Gora, 14 jorinho (78th minute, Bonaventura), 16 Lorenzo Pellegrini (67th minute, kristant), 25 Federico chieza (89th minute, zapacosta), 18 Berardi (75th minute, Incene, 9-balotelli (87th minute, belotti)