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Do you still drink Coca Cola after the official price increase of 0.5 yuan in China

Sihaiwang: Coca Cola is no stranger to us. However, the price of Coca Cola has not changed in China for many years. This time, we officially announced a price increase of 0.5 yuan. On May 18, Guangdong Taigu Coca Cola Co., Ltd. officially issued a price adjustment notice.

Price adjustment notice

Due to the rapid increase of raw materials, labor and transportation costs, the production cost has increased significantly. From May 18, the terminal retail price of 600ml Coca Cola and Sprite has been adjusted to 3.5 yuan / piece.

6ooml Coca Cola

At the same time, Coca Cola China will gradually reduce the production capacity of 330ml short can cola and sprite with retail price of 2.5 yuan / can to 330ml high can cola and sprite with retail price of 3 yuan / can.