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What are the dietary precautions during the 2018 college entrance examination

Sihaiwang: in a few days, the college entrance examination will be held. Many examinees are rushing in the best time. In fact, the last stage of diet is also extremely important. So what can children eat to fight fatigue? How to eat can alleviate the pressure of children's examination? What's the best thing not to eat? These are all parents should be concerned about, to provide good logistical support for children. Let the children have no worries about the college entrance examination. Let's talk about how to eat three meals a day more scientifically:

Food match of college entrance examination breakfast

Breakfast: main and auxiliary collocation, dry and thin collocation, meat and vegetable collocation, rich in water and nutrition. Small size, high calorie; time-saving and labor-saving preparation; try to eat hot breakfast. Breakfast to eat well, we all know, but how to eat can give the brain to supplement the necessary energy, maintain strong energy and better test state? Nutritionist's suggestion: the breakfast should be dry and thin, and the main and non-staple food should be taken into account.

In addition, it is recommended that candidates eat some brain nourishing food, such as fish, milk, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on, and try not to touch fat and fried food. However, we need to remind that comprehensive nutrition does not mean overeating, otherwise it will only increase the burden on the stomach and intestines of candidates, reduce the sensitivity of the brain and affect the test results.

The food match of college entrance examination lunch

Lunch: lunch is the main meal of the day. After the exam in the morning, the body consumes a lot of calories and nutrients. Eating a good lunch can make the examinee feel tired and energetic in the afternoon.

The purpose of lunch is very clear, it is to supplement a variety of nutrients and heat. Protein and vitamin are substances that can quickly restore brain power. For lunch, add a certain amount of lean meat, liver or fish meat (sea fish is the best choice). As for vegetables and fruits, we all know that they are rich in vitamins. Eating more fruits and vegetables can effectively relieve brain over tension. At the same time, microelements can also adjust brain function to the best state, such as spinach, kelp with iron, oyster, lean meat with zinc, etc. ,

Food match of college entrance examination dinner

Dinner: the dinner should supplement the physical and mental energy consumed throughout the day, and store energy for the next day, so it should be easy to digest as the standard, but not too much and greasy.

Dinner can choose lean meat, egg soup, steamed fish, vegetables, cold tomatoes and so on. If the candidates have a bad appetite in the hot weather, they can also add some appetizers, or mung bean soup and other complementary food after meals to increase their appetite. After a good dinner, it's better not to eat too much chocolate, ice cream and other snacks. Cold drink, ice soda and so on are easy to cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption dysfunction, should avoid overeating.

The diet in the sprint stage of college entrance examination is very important. Parents and examinees must pay attention to it. Otherwise, there is no way to be reassured by the problem of eating, which will directly affect their play. Because the problem of eating affects the college entrance examination. It's a great pity in life. There are 42 days left before the college entrance examination in 2018. The examinees still have to insist. I wish you all the best!