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Why did Zhu Yuling get out of the competition the 2018 China (Shenzhen) open has three rounds of women's singles competition today. Three games a day are a great test of the athletes' energy and physical strength. Zhu Yuling, the top seed of the competition, lost 3-4 to Japanese New Star Shida Shaji, and Chen Xingtong lost 0-4 to Liaoning fellow and German player Han Ying. After this round, only two Chinese players, Ding Ning and Wang Manyu, have made it to the top eight of the women's singles, while Japan's four players, namely, Shida Shaji, Sato Tong, ITO Meicheng and Ishikawa Jiachun, have made it to the top eight.

1 / 16 final: ITO Meicheng sweeps Wuyang and Hamamoto reverses sun yingsha

In this open, Wu Yang made a strong breakthrough from the qualification competition with an undefeated record. In the first round of the competition, she and Itoh Meicheng competed for the top 16 seats. In the past year, ITO Meicheng's rising momentum is very obvious. At the beginning of the year, she won the "three crown" in the Japanese competition. Not long ago, in the Swedish world table tennis competition, she defeated Liu Shiwen in the final of the women's League for the first time, and now she has become one of the main rivals of Chinese women table tennis. In this competition, Itoh Meicheng once again let us feel her threat, 4-0, Itoh Meicheng beat Wuyang in 4 straight sets.

Wu Yang, who hasn't appeared in the international arena for a long time, also felt the growth of Itoh Meicheng: 'she has made great progress in the past two years. Itoh's playing is characterized by ferocity, which still poses a certain threat to the Chinese team. 'in fact, in today's duel, Wu Yang didn't have no chance. In the third set, she got the point by 10:8.' when she fell behind 5:8 in the third set, she felt a little bad, so she wanted to fight. Itoh Meicheng also wanted to win, changed a little anxious, but I took the lead with 10:8. After taking the lead, I suddenly felt that there was a play that could turn the situation around, but I was in a hurry. If I called a pause to slow down, I might have a chance in the future. '

Compared with the fragile defeat of Wuyang, it's a pity that sunyingsha lost to Hamamoto. In the first half, sunyingsha had obvious advantages and soon gained a 3-0 lead. When everyone thought that sun yingsha would win the game without fear or danger, the accident happened. Hamamoto won the fourth and fifth innings with two 11:6. Sun yingsha admitted that she wanted to win when she was 3-2 ahead. This "want to win" mentality obviously affected sun yingsha's play. At 8:11 And 5:11, sun yingsha lost two games in a row, and finally was reversed by the opponent 3-4, stopping the first round of the competition.

1 / 8 final: Ding Ning narrowly wins over Gu Yuting, and Zhu Yuling narrowly loses in the battle

Then in the 1 / 8 final, Ding Ning was chased by his teammate Gu Yuting for two games in a row with three innings in hand, and got 5 points in a row when he was 7-10 behind in the sixth set, and locked the win with a big score of 4-2. This' China Derby ', dining's difficult preparation before the match is very sufficient, a match that feels very glued suddenly leads by a big score, which makes dining a little surprised. Gu Yuting, who is lagging behind, tries to break my rhythm as much as possible. At this time, I have a little bit less strict in controlling the situation. "I was chased for two games in a row, and the opponent got the point in the sixth game. Ding Ning thought that the game was going to lose." it's nothing to care about for for me. I always told myself not to give up and try to hold on. "In the end, Ding Ning won the game 4-2.

Zhu Yuling in the encounter war with Japanese young general Shida Shaji, in the case of 3-1 lead, lost 3 games in a row regrettably stopped. When she took the lead 3-1 in the big score, Zhu Yuling said that she began to make the old problem again: to compete with herself. In the next two games, Zhu Yuling lost at 9:11 And 8:11. In every game he lost, even in every game, Zhu Yuling would ask himself why he played like this. Although the overall path was the best, but because of the first match, Zhu Yuling couldn't understand how the opponent's very characteristic service made him catch the service. "Today's reception is very bad, and she always wants to catch the service and release a little pressure on herself. When the opponent served two points and I made a mistake, the gap in the score put a lot of pressure on me. 'in the decisive game, Zhu Yuling knew to fight and fight, but could always deal with the bad reception or lead to Zhu Yuling losing the game.' the problem of reception is the taboo of the game, and it needs to be summed up well when going back. '

Then Chen Xingtong, who was on the court, started a fight with Han Ying, a German player. Han Ying is a former Chinese player. After playing in Germany, she once led the German team to win the silver medal of the women's team in Rio Olympic Games, realizing a great breakthrough in women's table tennis in Germany and even in Europe. This game is undoubtedly a big challenge for Chen Xingtong. In the end, experienced Han yingzhiluo defeated Chen Xingtong in 4 innings and advanced to the top 8 women's singles.

In the last quarter finals, Ding Ning beat Japanese chopper Sato Tong 4-0.