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What is emotional heatstroke? What are the characteristics and hazards of emotional heatstroke since the day of ambush, many people's mood has become as anxious as the weather, so we need to be alert to heatstroke. Recently, a boss in Hangzhou was angry after ambush. He scolded half of the employees, but the doctor found that he had heatstroke. What's the matter with heatstroke? What are the characteristics and performance of heatstroke? Let's learn about it together Come on!

A young boss in Hangzhou is worried that he can't sleep because he is angry and scolds his employees recently. When he found Zhu Changjiang, the director of outpatient office of Hangzhou seventh hospital for help, he said that he was worried that he would go on like this, and the employees were scolded by him, so the company would collapse.

Every time I work overtime, I will treat you. When the boss falls in, he looks like someone else

The young boss, surnamed Li, is only 35 years old. He has beautiful rimless glasses on his nose, neat shirts and ties, and a gentle appearance. But when entering Director Zhu's psychological consultation clinic, the first sentence he said was' doctor, please help me, my heart seems to have a fire in the fire, which breaks out when I'm not happy, and I get angry at the employees, but I can't control myself, so I'm afraid that everything I've been fighting for many years will be destroyed. '

Listen to boss Li, he graduated from college and started a company with a good friend. He is usually in charge. And he is also a famous' good boss in China '. When employees fail to do things well or even do things wrong, he always focuses on education and encouragement. It seems that after so many years of cooperation, everyone has never heard him criticize people loudly, let alone scold people loudly. For the work that is not ideal, the most important thing is to ask relevant personnel to stay and work overtime. He will also pay for a night snack to reward everyone.

However, in the recent period, boss Li's temperament has changed greatly. Not only has he become manic about his own work, but also he magnified the mistakes made by his employees or those that can't meet his requirements. It's often not enough to scold them in person. During the meeting, he also scolded them repeatedly in front of other employees, once in a meeting, half-time. Several times down, some employees handed in their resignation. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

'in fact, I regretted after I scolded them. Many of them followed me from the beginning of the business, not only the relationship between the boss and the employees, but also the close friends. When I had such an attack, it was obvious that the relationship with everyone was far away. At night, when I was quiet, I often thought, why do I suddenly become so impatient? Do I have any mental illness? If this continues, I'm afraid these people will be scared away by me. 'his tone and expression were helpless.

However, director Zhu is not surprised by this. 'don't worry, your problem is what the common people call emotional heat stroke. This problem can be divided into two situations. One is that people with mental illness will fluctuate when the weather is hot, which can be manifested as more words than usual, more emotional, etc., and they need to find a doctor to adjust the treatment plan in time; the other is that if you are not ill, you will become impatient when the weather is hot, and the whole people will be angry, which is actually a normal life Rational response, a bit like a woman to menopause. '

The basic definition of emotional heatstroke

People's emotions are closely related to the external environment. When encountering continuous high temperature weather and changes in the external environment, the human body's small environment will also be affected. Generally speaking, low temperature environment is conducive to people's mental stability. Once the change range of temperature rise increases, people's spirit and mood will fluctuate. It will not only bring physical maladjustment to people, but also have a negative impact on people's psychology and mood, resulting in emotional fidgety, disorderly temper, memory decline and other phenomena. Psychologically, it is called 'emotional heatstroke'.

Causes of heat stroke

Emotional heatstroke in summer, because the high temperature weather affects the emotional regulation center of the human hypothalamus, some people will appear upset performance. Some people even if their own environment is not hot, because of the strong light outside the window and so on, they will be upset. In addition to temperature changes, bad mood is also related to sweating, lack of sleep and inadequate diet. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

These adverse factors will lead to electrolyte metabolism disorders, affect brain nerve activity, and cause emotional and behavioral abnormalities. In addition, in summer, the autonomic nervous system is also prone to disorder. The autonomic nervous system is in charge of the digestive system and also affects the endocrine system. The autonomic nervous disorder will make people dream more and reduce the quality of sleep.

In addition, there are not only the causes of natural high temperature, but also the factors of urban environment and social pressure. High pressure and high speed are still the main rhythms of life in some big cities. The environmental, resource and social problems brought about by high-speed development will still exist in a period of time.

Main symptoms of heat stroke

The main symptoms of 'emotional heatstroke' are irritability, irritability, mental disorder, abnormal behavior, lack of interest in things. Many people often quarrel with others because of trivial matters, and they also feel upset and can't calm down to think about problems.

Experts pointed out that in the normal population, about 16% of people will have 'emotional heatstroke' in summer, especially when the temperature is more than 35 ℃, the sunshine time is more than 12 hours, and the humidity is more than 80%, the proportion of 'emotional heatstroke' will rise sharply.

Prevention of heat stroke

① pay attention to food and drink in summer. In hot days, try to increase the rest time. The diet should be light and less greasy. Drink more water to regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation. Eat more "Qinghuo" food and drink, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, green tea, broken coffee, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and so on, have a good "Qinghuo" effect. At the same time, we should eat less spicy food, drink less spirits and do not smoke.

② avoid going out in the hottest time, and do not stay in the enclosed space for too long. Room should pay attention to ventilation, ventilation can quickly dissipate the heat around the human body and reduce air pollution, so that people have a 'cool' feeling. Especially in the morning and evening when the outdoor temperature is relatively low, it is advisable to open the doors and windows. In case of high outdoor temperature at noon, it is advisable to close the doors and windows, draw the curtains, and start the fans and air conditioners. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

Third, we should pay attention to psychological adjustment. In the hot summer, we should 'calm down, calm down, abstain from impetuosity and calm down'. When you encounter something unpleasant, you should learn to transfer your emotions and deal with it coldly.