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Zheng Shuang's "this is the iron armour" because of what's angry about Zheng Shuang's response to th in the late night of May 31, Zheng Shuang sent a message on a platform, which seemed to respond to the angry storm: 'it's OK. Thank you for your love. In fact, I am like this. This is me. I always think of people as kind. That's the child. "Recently, Zheng Shuang lost his temper at the recording scene of" this is the iron armour "because the team players fought against injustice and questioned the referee's slow reading speed.

This is Xiaoshuang who is angry to maintain the team. She is a person of true temperament. She never beat around the bush. She wants to express anything directly. There are few such straightforward female artists in the entertainment circle. Support Xiaoshuang and happy children's day. Some netizens commented: 'Zheng Shuang responded to the fire and wished you all a happy children's day.

Zheng Shuang updates his own dynamic in the ice cream group and expresses thanks for your concern. After watching the program, we can see that Zheng Shuang really likes these iron armours, so he will come out to question when the iron armour is unfair. And the contestants also express their support to Zheng Shuang, which is really warm.

The service life of the iron armour is generally not long and some parts are out of print. This game is understood from the on-site audience spoiler. Because of the deliberate delay of seconds reading, the iron armour of Zheng Shuang station team won in the end and had to withdraw because the out of print parts were damaged. Today's program is very heart wrenching, but it's a pity that iron armour has been seriously hurt. My sister is angry, her eyes are red, and she is reluctant to leave. There are rules in the game. If you don't follow the rules, you can't play. Youku should be fair and just since he is doing this robot show. He can only say that the show is too rubbish.

Zheng Shuang is angry in response. He always thinks of people as kind. He is a child! Like your true feelings, the one who should be angry should be angry. I wish you to be a happy child in the sun and a strong self in the wind and rain. ​​​​