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Which is better, glory 10 or millet 8? Which is better for glory 10 or millet 8? Recently, Xiaomi has dropped out of its 8th Anniversary new product. As millet 8, it is inevitable that people will compare it with glory series. If it's a comparison between the previous glory and Xiaomi's flagship, it's basically 55, but this time, the author recommends Xiaomi 8 more. Comparatively speaking, glory 10 is more like the enhanced version of glory 9, while from millet 6 to millet 8, there is a more obvious upgrade. Otherwise, it should be called Xiaomi 7.

Glory 10 was released in April this year. It is equipped with a 5.84-inch full screen, 2280x1080 resolution. It continues the curved glass body of glory 9, and pioneers the process of gradient Aurora coating. In terms of color matching, glory 10 provides four colors: seagull grey, magic night black, magic blue and magic purple. The color value is still unknown.

In terms of configuration, glory 10 is still equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 6GB memory, 3400mah battery capacity, 22.5w fast charging support, and runs the emui 8.1 system based on Android 8.1.

In terms of photographing, glory 10 post horizontal dual camera, 24 million pixels + 16 million pixels combination, supports 22 kinds of tags and 500 kinds of AI scene recognition. Front 24 megapixel light-sensitive enhancement lens. In terms of price, glory 10 still focuses on cost performance, including 2599 yuan for rong6gb + 64GB and 2999 yuan for 6GB + 128GB.

But in terms of sales volume, the cumulative sales volume of glory 10 has exceeded one million units, indicating that it is still recognized in the market.

As a contrast, Xiaomi uses a 6.21-inch Samsung AMOLED full screen with a resolution of 2248 & times; 1080, a four curved glass body + 7 series aluminum middle frame, and four colors of white, gold, black and bright blue. In terms of appearance, to be honest, no surprise. It looks similar to the iPhone X. In this respect, glory 10 has its own characteristics.

However, in terms of configuration, Xiaomi 8 is more competitive. In addition to the Xiaolong 845 processor (the strongest running score in the history of more than 300000), and after the optimization and upgrading of the dual 12 million pixel camera, the photo taking skill has reached the peak of Xiaomi mobile phone. DxOMark scored 105.

In addition, Xiaomi 8 is the world's first dual frequency and dual way GPS mobile phone, which is very useful. Its navigation and positioning are much better than ordinary mobile phones, and the actual positioning accuracy is improved by at least 3-5 times.

At the same time, Xiaomi 8 also supports multi-functional NFC, 167 city bus cards and built-in AI voice assistant for Xiaoai students.

In terms of price, Xiaomi is 8.6gb + 64GB 2699 yuan, 6GB + 128GB 2999 yuan, 6GB + 256gb 3299 yuan, which is more cost-effective.