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What are the causes of poisoning caused by snake gall Recently, a woman in Zhejiang heard that eating snake gall had an effect on the rash on her body and face. She bought Cobra gall and swallowed it raw. Unexpectedly, there was a problem with the food. She was sent to the local hospital for emergency treatment. The doctor diagnosed it as snake gall poisoning.

It is reported that the woman has a red blister like rash on her body and face, which is painful and itchy. A friend told her that it's good to eat snake gall. It's said that it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, and it can also beautify and beautify the face. So she sent someone to buy Cobra gall, and that night she couldn't wait to eat one raw. The next morning, Li Li swallowed a snake gall on an empty stomach.

Unexpectedly, she felt dizzy, nauseous, vomiting, pale and fainted once more an hour after taking snake gall, and was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment by her colleagues.

Snake gall is the gall bladder in which bile is stored. The snake gall is cool in nature, bitter in taste and sweet in taste; it has the functions of dispelling wind and dehumidification, cooling and brightening eyes, detoxifying and eliminating heat; it can adjust and replenish human nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, and delay the aging of the body. All snake galls can be used as medicine, especially the galls of the golden ring snake, the silver ring snake, the chessboard snake, the cobra, the king cobra, the five legged snake and the Agkistrodon halys, which are valuable raw materials for medicine. However, the raw snake gall may contain parasites, which is very easy to cause physical damage after consumption. If you want to take it, you need to steam the snake gall.

Raw snake gall is easy to cause toxic diseases, light nausea, vomiting, dizziness, serious life-threatening. This is because snake gall contains bile toxins, histamines, bile salts, cyanide and other substances. After entering the gastrointestinal tract, its toxic components are absorbed into the liver, and then discharged by the kidney. Therefore, the incidence of acute renal failure and liver damage is the highest, followed by stomach, intestine, heart, brain and other organs. If not rescued in time, the mortality rate is very high.

The cause of snake gall poisoning and even fatal: many people mistakenly believe that swallowing the snake gall together with white wine can play a role in sterilization, but without puncturing the snake gall, white wine has nothing to do with the bacteria contained in the bile. On the contrary, it can only promote the absorption of bile by gastrointestinal tract and aggravate the side effects. On the other hand, bile contains a lot of toxic substances which are exported from the liver. There is a serious tendency of hepatotoxicity, and there may also be some drug components which cause the immune mechanism. At the same time of swallowing snake gall, these toxic substances will be swallowed into the body at the same time, which will aggravate the detoxification pressure of liver, kidney and gallbladder. It is very easy to damage the function of organs in the body and induce liver and kidney failure. Therefore, do not listen to the rumors, and eat raw snake gall and blood rashly, so as to avoid endangering life and health. If you really need to take snake gall products, you should choose products that have been strictly processed by regular manufacturers.