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The best admission notice Zhuji gifted young people's admission to Peking University

In recent days, Zhuji's circle of friends has been blown up by an admission notice from Peking University, but the boy who received the admission notice didn't actually participate in this year's college entrance examination. What's the matter? It turns out that as early as three years ago, Peking University signed a contract with him to reduce 200 points for Zhuji's gifted youth. This kind of talent can't be described by Xueba!

This letter was sent to Ye Jianing, a Zhuji boy who graduated from high school this year. It's special that ye Jianing didn't participate in the college entrance examination this year. At the time of high school two, he had already received the pre admission notice from Peking University and confirmed to send it. Moreover, as early as three years ago, Peking University had signed an agreement with him and expressed its willingness to reduce 200 points to enroll this Zhuji gifted youth. This time, the letter of acceptance is officially sent to. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

"Learning bully" is not enough to describe this young man

Ye Jianing, born on June 3, 1999, is a staff member of ICBC. On the day of the letter of acceptance, ye Jianing just returned from Japan. He arrived in Beijing at 4 a.m. and Zhuji at 10 p.m. on the high-speed rail. He didn't take the notice by himself. It was his mother who took it. Yu Jun, her mother, said she was so excited that she forgot to send a red envelope to the express boy. Compared with his mother's excitement, yejianing was quite calm. He said he didn't feel anything. After all, he knew that he would enter in senior two.

Ye Jianing is very good at Informatics Olympiad. He has not only won municipal, provincial and national awards for many times, but also won the gold medal of "Asia Pacific Regional informatics competition". (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Great talent in Olympic Mathematics

This "great God" character has shown his talent since he was a child.

'ye Jianing's grades have been very stable since he was a child. He is the first in the class. 'Yu Jun said. At that time, there was also an Olympic mathematics class in primary school. His achievements in the Olympic mathematics class were very outstanding. In the fourth grade of primary school, Olympiad was stopped from offering courses. At that time, the Olympiad teacher wanted to continue to train Ye Jianing and gave him and other children who had learned better free tutoring.

When primary school was promoted to junior high school, several middle schools in Zhuji competed to hire him. Ye Jianing and his family decided to choose Huanjiang middle school because they wanted to study Olympic mathematics more deeply. After becoming a junior high school student, ye Jianing chose the Olympiad of Informatics among the five Olympiads. At that time, there was a small episode. Informatics was a relatively new subject. People around her didn't support it very much, so they were afraid that children would play computer games. For this reason, Yu Jun discussed with Ye Jianing several times. When he learned that ye Jianing really liked information science, he agreed, but canceled his time playing computer at home.

In the second half of the third year of junior high school, he won the first prize of the National League of informatics. When I was promoted to high school, I won Ye Jianing in Shaoxing No. 1 middle school. The teacher of No. 1 middle school said directly that ye Jianing would be either Tsinghua University or Peking University.

Sure enough, Peking University met Ye Jianing at a high school, signed a contract with him, and said it could reduce 200 points to admit him. Ye Jianing took part in the 33rd National Information Science Olympic Games in the second year of senior high school, and achieved the 14th place in the country, and obtained the qualification of Peking University. Generally speaking, the top 50 children in China, Tsinghua University, are optional. 'Yu Jun said. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Family atmosphere affected his study habits

Speaking of the training methods for children, Yu Junxiao said that in fact, they didn't train very much. She and ye Jianing's father were very busy at work. When ye Jianing was a child, she followed her grandmother from Monday to Friday, and only went home on weekends. In Yu Jun's view, it is mainly the family atmosphere that gives children a better direction for growth. 'like me, I never watch TV. I just read and study at home. I guarantee 2 hours of reading time every day. His father is also a very serious person. He likes playing and writing. He works very seriously and is an excellent employee for more than 10 years. 'Yu Jun said.

Under the influence of his parents, ye Jianing liked reading and watching TV at most since he was young. Although he studied Informatics, he didn't like playing games. What's more, he studied like his father. "I think children are very smart now, but when they reach a certain level, they can only be outstanding if they are serious. 'Yu Jun said.

His parents want him to talk about a beautiful first love in College

Speaking of the future, ye Jianing has a clear direction. He didn't take part in the college entrance examination this year. Since March, he has come to Beijing to practice and engage in computer vision and in-depth learning.

I hope to be able to contact the cutting-edge technology in University, do more research, and make a little contribution to the computer field in China.

But Yu Jun, his mother, hoped that ye Jianing would soon have a love affair in the University. 'when he was 18 years old, I wrote him a passage, hoping that he would have a very beautiful first love in college. "This time, ye Jianing took part in the academic exchange organized by the China Association for science and technology, went to Japan, and sent a group photo in the circle of friends on his return trip, which excited the parents at home." there is a girl in the picture, and my mind is full of pink Bubbles & hellip; & hellip; "