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Price list of millet 8 what time does millet 8 go on sale

Price list of millet 8 what time does millet 8 go on sale on May 31, Xiaomi company officially held a new product conference. The main character of this conference is Xiaomi 8. As a commemorative product of the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi, Xiaomi takes out all his black technology. Let's take a look at the price and configuration of Xiaomi 8.

As the protagonist of this conference, Xiaomi 8 has been exposed in all aspects before. It is sure that this time, Xiaomi 8 is equipped with the heterosexual screen popular among peers, the Samsung AMOLED screen (resolution: 2248 * 1080 pixels) with a 6.21-inch 18.7:9 scale, which supports the P3 wide color range, 60000:1 contrast, 600nit brightness and can be displayed on the rest screen. Of course, Liuhai screen is also available To set the hide into a traditional ultra narrow edge full screen. Because Xiaomi 8 adopts a different Liu Haiping, it can make the 6.21-inch Xiaomi 8 have a similar holding sense to the traditional 5.5-inch mobile phone.

In addition, in terms of body design, Xiaomi 8 adopts double-sided glass + metal middle frame design. After the back body is treated with four curved arcs, when holding the mobile phone, it can make the back and palm of the mobile phone fit more naturally. The 74.79mm body width and 7.6mm thickness of the whole machine make the hand machine still appear light and thin, which is more suitable for single hand control.

In terms of core hardware configuration, Xiaomi 8 is certainly not stingy. It has become another mobile phone with full blood version of snapdragon 845 processor after Xiaomi mix2s, with 6GB ram + 64 / 128 / 256gb ROM (UFS 2.1) storage combination. After optimization, the official measured running score of rabbit rabbit has exceeded 300000, and the comprehensive performance is very good.

Before the photo taking, it was always the short board and pain point of Xiaomi's mobile phone. After a long time of dormancy, the photo taking performance of Xiaomi's mix2s really brightened people's eyes. Today, Xiaomi 8 continues the photo taking experience of Xiaomi's mix2s and adds many new functions. Xiaomi 8 is still equipped with a dual 12 megapixel AI super sensitive zoom dual lens (long focus + wide angle). The main lens is Sony's latest imx363 sensor, with a single pixel size of 1.4um/f1.8 large aperture, supporting dual pixel full-pixel dual core focusing and optical anti shake around. After the algorithm optimization, the latest DxO photo score of Xiaomi 8 is 105, which is further than that of Xiaomi mix2s.

In terms of photographing experience, Xiaomi 8 not only supports AI scene camera to optimize 206 scenes, but also adds five kinds of studio light effect experience based on AI portrait mode. Through big data, depth of field data can be obtained more accurately for background optimization. At the same time, Xiaomi 8 also has built-in AI short video editing function. After users record a high frame rate video of more than 120 FPS, they can use one of the seven preset styles by default for one click processing. In order to further upgrade the self portrait beauty experience, the 20 million pixel camera equipped with pixel four in one technology is added with AI micro shaping beauty function.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi 8 is the world's first L1 + L5 dual frequency GPS mobile phone. Through the dual frequency combination, it can effectively solve the problem of single frequency mobile phone positioning deviation and improve the positioning accuracy. Xiaomi 8 also added a combination of hidden front infrared cameras under the screen to make face unlocking more efficient and secure, especially in dark light environment.

In addition, including full-featured NFC experience, all Netcom 5.0 and Xiaomi's acclaimed AI voice assistant Xiaoai students are also involved.

The built-in 3400mah battery of Xiaomi 8 supports the latest qc4 + fast charging technology and the standard 18W charger. Unfortunately, it does not support the wireless charging experience.


It is reported that the price of millet 8 (6 + 64GB) is 2699 yuan, (6 + 128GB) version is 2999 yuan, (6 + 256gb) version is 3299 yuan. At present, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version only has 8 + 128GB version, with the official price of 3699 yuan. The price of millet 8 se (4 + 64GB) version is 1799 yuan, and that of millet 6 + 64GB version is 1999 yuan. This time millet adopts the pre-sale mode. At 6 o'clock tonight, the black and white versions will open the pre-sale of 100 yuan deposit, and the final payment will be paid at 0-24 o'clock on June 4.

Absolutely amazing eggs -- Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version

In addition to Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi also brought a new product, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version, which can be called an egg. The back of Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version adopts a transparent design with a strong sense of technology. Through the back shell, you can clearly see the internal components of the product, including the internal battery, NFC coil and core processor.

In addition to the appearance of personality, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version is also the first Android machine to support 'face ID'. The 'face ID' is a face recognition system based on structured light technology. On the basis of Xiaomi 8's infrared face recognition scheme, a lattice projector is added to obtain 3D depth information of the face, which is more secure.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version can also make personalized dynamic expression packs based on face information. Through the "Mimeng" function, users can incarnate rabbit, panda, fox or other cute cartoon images in the chat room.

In addition, Xiaomi 8 transparent board is also the world's first pressure sensitive screen fingerprint recognition mobile phone. On the basis of fingerprint recognition under the screen, pressure sensors are added. The pressure grams of finger pressing the screen are up to standard, which helps to obtain a clearer fingerprint image.

Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version is different from Xiaomi 8, with only one version of 8GB + 128GB. In other aspects, including system and hardware configuration, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version is consistent with Xiaomi 8.

Good news for small screen users -- Xiaomi 8 se

In addition, Xiaomi also brought Xiaomi 8se, a small screen version of Xiaomi 8se. Xiaomi 8se uses a 5.88-inch screen, which is equivalent to the traditional 5.2-inch screen, with 2.5D glass at the back and four body colors.

In terms of hardware, Xiaomi 8se is equipped with Xiaolong 710 processor, which is also the first product of Xiaolong 710 processor. In addition to its flagship processor, Xiaolong 710 is the first 10 nm process chip, and its AI computing power is 2 times higher than that of Xiaolong 660.

Xiaomi 8 se is equipped with 312mah battery capacity. In terms of camera, it is equipped with 1200 + 500 pixel post AI dual camera and 2000 pixel soft light self timer.