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Rules of 2018 college entrance examination room can I use the toilet in the college entrance examina

The 2018 college entrance examination will be held on June 7-8, and the rules and disciplines of the 2018 college entrance examination have also been promulgated. What contraband can't be brought into the examination room? Can I go to the toilet in the college entrance examination? Can I wear a watch? Let's learn about the discipline of the college entrance examination hall!

Rules for 2018 college entrance examination

1、 Consciously obey the management of examiners and other examinees, and shall not obstruct examinees and other examinees from performing their duties for any reason, and shall not disturb the order of the examination room and other examination places.

2、 40 minutes before the test (the first section is 45 minutes before the test) with ID card and examination permit, wait in line at the entrance of the front door of the test room, enter the test room in turn, and accept the examination of prohibited items under video monitoring. They shall take the initiative to accept the identity verification conducted by the invigilator according to the regulations and the necessary inspection of their belongings.

3、 Except 2B pencil, 0.5mm black ink signing pen, ruler, compass, triangle board, rubber without cover and other necessary examination articles, no other articles shall be brought into the examination room. It is forbidden to bring all kinds of wireless communication tools (such as wireless receiving and transmitting devices such as mobile phones), electronic storage, memory recording and playing equipment, correction fluid, correction tape (including transparent tape), watches or other timing tools into the examination room.

4、 After entering the venue, take your seat according to the number, and put the ID card and the admission permit on the top left corner of the desktop for verification. After receiving the answer card and test paper, fill in the name, seat number, etc. accurately and clearly in the designated position and time. Candidates shall be responsible for any missing, wrong or unclear answers that may affect the results of the assessment.

In case of wrong distribution of test paper and answer card, unclear handwriting, reprint, missing print or missing page of test question, raise your hand to ask and report to the invigilator before the test starts; if you report or change again after the test starts, the delayed test time will not be extended; in case of any question involving the content of test question, you shall not ask the invigilator. During the listening test, do not ask the invigilator and keep quiet.

5、 You can start to answer questions only after the opening signal is sent.

6、 After being late for 15 minutes (the foreign language department shall comply with the provisions of No.5 document issued by the Department of education and examination (2018)), late candidates are not allowed to enter the examination site after 14:45) to participate in the subject examination. The examination papers shall not be handed in before 30 minutes before the end of each examination. After the examination papers are handed in, they are not allowed to enter the examination hall for further examination, nor to stay or talk near the examination hall.

7、 Answer in the area corresponding to the question number. The answers written on the scratch paper or in the answer area not corresponding to the question number are invalid. It is not allowed to answer questions with pens and papers other than those specified, and it is not allowed to make any mark on the answers.

8、 Keep quiet, no smoking, no noise, no talking, no looking left and right, no gestures, no signals, no entrainment, peeping, copying or intentional copying, no answer copying or exchange of papers, answers, drafts, no stationery, articles, etc., and no papers, answers or drafts shall be taken out of the examination room.

9、 No toilet is allowed during the exam. If it is necessary to go to the toilet due to illness or other special reasons, after verification, 2 same-sex invigilators shall supervise the whole process.

10、 After the end of the test signal is sent, stop writing immediately. After the invigilator has collected all the answers, papers and drafts in order, exit the examination hall in turn according to the invigilator's instructions.

11、 In case of non-compliance with the rules of the examination room, non-compliance with the management of the examination staff, and violation of the regulations, it shall be implemented in accordance with the education law of the people's Republic of China and the measures for handling the violations of the national education examination (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Education), and shall be recorded in the integrity file of the national education examination; Those suspected of violating the law shall be transferred to the judicial organ and investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the criminal law of the people's Republic of China.