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How to determine the days of ovulation during ovulation

Sihaiwang: eggs are very precious for women. Generally speaking, women of normal childbearing age can only discharge one egg a month, and the effective survival time of eggs is only 24 hours. However, the longest survival time for male sperm to enter into female body is only 3 days. Generally speaking, from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation, it is the most easy time for female to conceive. Therefore, the accurate calculation of ovulation date and the arrangement of pregnancy time can greatly increase the probability of pregnancy success.

How to determine the ovulation period:

1. Calculation of menstrual cycle:

Menstrual cycle varies from person to person, and some women have irregular menstrual cycle. The most accurate calculation method is to observe the 8 menstrual cycles of women, record the longest and shortest menstrual cycles. With the shortest time - 18, the longest time minus 11, the number of days during the period is the next menstrual period after ovulation.

Specific formula: A1 = shortest menstrual cycle - 18, A2 = longest menstrual cycle - 11

Ovulation period = (a1-a2)

2. Observe the viscosity of cervical mucus

When the female vaginal secretions such as egg white, clear and high degree of drawing, then in the last 48 hours before and after the emergence of this mucus, it can be determined as the ovulation day.

3. Body temperature test method: This is troublesome. The test should be recorded from the day of menstruation, lasting for a period of time, and then the ovulation period can be determined by comparing the body temperature.

4. Ovulation test paper: This is also very useful and easy to operate.