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Children's day in the world

Children are the hope of the future, and also the hope of every family. Only when children grow up healthily and happily can a country have a future. Children's Day is a children's day, which also shows the love of the society for children. Do you know the origin of children's day? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

The origin of children's Day

The establishment of international children's Day is related to a famous massacre during World War II. In June 1942, German fascists shot and killed more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all infants in liditzer village, Czech Republic, and took women and 90 children to the concentration camp. Houses and buildings in the village were burned down, and a good village was thus destroyed by German Fascism. After the end of the Second World War, the economy around the world was depressed, thousands of workers lost their jobs and lived a life of hunger and cold. The situation of children is even worse. Some suffer from infectious diseases and die in batches; some are forced to work as child laborers and suffer from torture, and their lives and lives are not guaranteed. In order to pay tribute to liditzer village and all the children who died in the fascist war of aggression, the International Federation of democratic women held a council meeting in Moscow in November 1949. In order to protect the right to survival, health care and education of children all over the world, and to improve the lives of children, the conference decided to take the first day of June when Lidice village was slaughtered as the international children's day. Many countries at that time agreed, especially socialist countries.

June 1 is a children's day in many countries in the world, especially in socialist countries. In Europe and the United States, children's Day dates vary, and there are often few public celebrations. Therefore, it is misunderstood that only socialist countries make June 1 International Children's day.

In order to protect the rights and interests of children all over the world, in November 1949, the Executive Committee of the International Federation of democratic women held in Moscow decided to take June 1 as the international children's day every year. After the founding of new China, the executive yuan of the Central People's government stipulated on December 23, 1949 that China's children's day should be unified with international children's day.

Children's day time in other parts of the world

Children's day in Thailand: the second Saturday of January every year

Children's day in Libya: March 21

Palestinian children's Day: 5 April

Turkish children's Day: April 23

Mexico children's Day: April 28

Korean children's Day: May 5

Hungarian children's Day: the last Sunday of May every year

Children's day in Japan: Boys: May 5; girls: March 3

British children's Day: July 14

Indonesian children's Day: July 23

Singapore children's Day: October 1

Time of international children's Day

International Children's Day 2012 time: Thursday, April 12, Chinese calendar, June 1, 2012.